Irish Weather Forecast: This week predicted to be a complete washout in Ireland

Hazy days of summer are to become a distant memory this week as Ireland gets soaked with “thundery downpours”.

According to Irish Meteorologist Service, Met Eireann, heavy showers, cooler temperatures and a risk of thunder are predicted to make up Irish weather over the next few days.

Some parts of the Emerald Isle may be lucky enough to get some dry or even sunny spells but for the most part, we can expect a wet start to the coming week.

Showery start

Monday morning is set to bring a mixture of scattered showers and dry spells across Ireland.

Ulster will get most of the rain with Belfast temperatures predicted to reach highs of 17 Degrees Celsius during the early commute.

Intermittent sunny spells may pass across Northern counties but showers will become increasingly heavy throughout the afternoon.

A risk of thundery downpours will increase during the day as the rain continues and temperatures drop to a less impressive 11C.

The west coast will see a similar picture as scattered showers become heavier towards the evening and temperatures drop from 17C to 10C overnight.

Southern coastlines of Cork and Waterford will get most of the sun and remain dry for the start of the week.

Highs of 18C across the southeast are set to offer some final beach-worthy days for holidaymakers.

Irish weather conditions will remain dry throughout the night and spread to the capital as Dublin dries up in time for Tuesday morning.

Westerly winds

Monday night will remain mostly dry in the east and south of the country before westerly winds bring rain and drizzle from the Atlantic.

As the rain continues to travel east, the wind will pick up with Tuesday turning out dull and wet in most parts.

Temperatures will become cooler with highs of 17C in the capital and a lower 15C in the north.

Showers will continue throughout the day but ease off in the east, south and midlands towards nightfall.

Conditions will remain dry overnight with light rain predicted to continue to sweep the west coast.

Average temperatures between 11C and 13C will keep it feeling cool as Wednesday approaches.

Wet and windy

A southwest wind will pick up midweek as Wednesday brings more blustery conditions.

Irish weather experts warn a spell of rain and high winds is expected to sweep across Ireland giving the first glimpse of autumn to the Emerald Isle.

The rain will clear intermittently in parts of Leinster but temperatures will remain pleasant for August, reaching between 16C and 19C.

Rain will continue to fall overnight with counties in the northeast drying up for a time.

Average lows of 14C will cover the west and east of Ireland until dawn, while Ulster will feel a cooler 12C.

Thursday’s forecast is looking promising with a final belt of rain covering the northwest counties and westerly coastline before drying up in the afternoon.

Temperatures will steadily climb, leaving the capital feeling a toasty 21C in the afternoon.

A similar situation is anticipated for next weekend with hopes of clear skies and a lot less rain.