Irish weather forecast: Winds of up to 100km/h to batter Ireland this week

The Irish weather forecast comes with a yellow wind warning for coastal areas today.

Strong gusts of up to 100km/h are set to batter parts of Cork, Waterford, Galway, Mayo and Donegal, according to Monday’s Irish weather forecast.

The rest of the week will bring an unsettled mix of wind and rain right through until Friday.

Gale force winds

The Irish weather forecast predicts a windy Monday with strong gusts blowing along the west, prompting a yellow wind warning for coastal areas.

Rain will sweep across Connacht, Ulster and Leinster throughout the morning before clearing across the Irish Sea during the afternoon.

Sunny spells will be broken up with scattered showers for the rest of the day with a fresh westerly wind keeping things cool.

Temperatures are set to reach double figures with an average of 10 degrees Celsius countrywide before dropping as low as 2C in the Midlands overnight.

Southerly winds will pick up in the west after nightfall with showers forming across the northern half of Ireland, leaving southern counties clear until dawn.

Southwesterly winds will continue to gain momentum on Tuesday morning to bring a gusty, wet day.

Temperatures will continue to climb as high as 14C in Dublin and 12C in Cork, making humid, damp conditions as the rain continues.

Brightening up!

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The Irish weather forecast predicts showers will clear in an easterly direction on Tuesday night and gusty winds will ease.

Temperatures will range between 5C in coastal parts of Galway and 7C in the southeast ahead of a dry morning on Wednesday.

Conditions are forecast to stay dry but cold in Ulster with highs of 5C in Belfast.

The Irish weather forecast is similar for Connacht with slightly warmer temperatures of 8C and sunny spells in places.

Light showers may develop along the southern coast on Wednesday afternoon with a risk of heavy downpours sweeping the capital at times.

Rain will continue in the south overnight while the rest of Ireland will stay dry and cold with temperatures dropping as low as 0C in rural parts of the Midlands.

The remaining counties will also feel chilly averaging between 1C and 2C until Thursday morning.

More wind and rain on the way

Strong winds are believed to make another appearance on Thursday bringing a thick band of rain to soak the whole of Ireland.

A cold, wet day will make a wintry setting with lots of rain, gale-force winds and low temperatures countrywide.

It will feel colder in the north with lows of 5C in Belfast while Munster will be warmest at 8C in Cork.

The outlook is set to stay the same all day before the rain begins to clear on Thursday night for many places.

Southern counties will be the last to clear while temperatures will be lowest in the west, dropping to 0C along the Atlantic coastline and gusty winds making it feel even colder.

Conditions are forecast to clear up by Friday morning to bring a lovely dry day with sunny spells, light winds and recovering temperatures ahead of the weekend.

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