Irish weather forecast: Tail end of Storm Pablo to bring heavy rain and strong winds to Ireland this weekend

The Irish weather forecast is looking rather scary for Halloween and the coming weekend.

The remnants of Tropical Storm Pablo is set to bring heavy rain and high winds to the Emerald Isle as the Irish weather forecast monitors it travel across the Atlantic.

Classified as a ‘hurricane’ earlier this week, Pablo’s status has now weakened to ‘Tropical Storm,’ but weather experts believe it will still have an impact on Ireland.

Neither trick nor treat!

The month of October will come to an end today under a band of drizzle, fog and damp for most of Ireland.

A few bright spells may grace Ulster throughout the morning with temperatures reaching highs of 21C in the northwest.

The Irish weather forecast for the rest of the country, however, is heavy rain to soak the southwest with slightly lighter showers to cover the east.  

By this evening the black clouds will hang heavily over most parts and anyone going Trick ‘r Treating will need good quality raincoats.

A spooktacular coastal fog along the west of Ireland will add to the eerie night air as Halloween comes to a soggy end.

Rain will continue overnight in the north but clear up in southern parts of Cork and Kerry.

Much of Connacht and Leinster will continue to get drizzle and fog patches until Friday morning.

Temperatures will vary between 8C and 12C as we see the first day of November.

November rain

The Irish weather forecast predicts Friday will start wet and chilly with breezy conditions in coastal areas but lighter winds in the Midlands.

Brief dry spells may occur throughout the day before more widespread showers appear again.

Highs of 14C in the capital will bring the week to an end with heavy rain to set in for the Friday commute.

A risk of thunder along the Atlantic coastline towards the evening suggests the remnants of Tropical Storm Pablo.

Heavy showers will continue throughout Friday night with the risk of local flooding in rural areas.

Temperatures could drop as low as 2C along the east coast of Ireland and between 5C and 7C in the north and west counties.

Strong southwesterly winds are set to become variable by Saturday morning bringing a slight sense of calm after a rather rough night.

Saturday showers

The Irish weather forecast predicts more downpours on Saturday with the heaviest rain set to fall in the south and southwest.

Risk of strong westerly winds turning gale force is expected to affect southern coastlines while low pressure moving over Ireland will keep winds light elsewhere.

Temperatures will remain in double figures throughout the day with highs of 11C in Belfast and as high as 12C in parts of Galway.

Rain will dry up in parts of Leinster towards the latter part of the day with Dublin feeling the most pleasant.

Conditions will dry up for a time overnight for most counties before more rain arrives in time for Sunday.

The east and northwest will stay dry for most of Sunday morning before joining the rest of the country under a band of rain for the rest of the day.

Further showers will continue with westerly winds becoming light and variable.

Temperatures will maintain an average of 10C and 12C before dropping as low as 2C in the west overnight but remaining 7C in the north.

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