Irish Weather Forecast: Sunny days to end as temperatures PLUMMET in Ireland this week

Warm hazy days will be enjoyed up and down the Emerald Isle early this week but the good weather is forecast not to last.

According to Met Eireann, Ireland’s Meteorological Service, the early part of the week will be relatively dry but they predict a very different outlook as the weekend approaches.

Temperatures will drop, clouds will mask the sun and outbreaks of rain will return in places.

Enjoy it while it lasts

Most places in Ireland will start the week dry with sunny spells in the west and the south of the country easing people into Monday quite pleasantly.

By the afternoon, however, the rain will return with a vengeance, starting in Ulster and travelling down through eastern parts of the country throughout the day.

With rain comes a drop in temperature making it feel chilly in the north and highs of just 13 degrees Celsius in Belfast on Monday afternoon.

Cloud cover will continue to prevent any bright weather and cause the temperature to plummet as low as 2 degrees Celsius in Ulster tonight.

Eastern counties will get more wet weather through the night and feel cold at times with the risk of mist patches developing into Tuesday morning.

The south of Ireland will get the best of the weather today will highs of 17 degrees Celsius and staying dry throughout the day.

But the bright weather will not last here either and Tuesday morning will bring a cloudy start to the day in Munster with scattered showers in the northwest arriving towards the afternoon.

The day is set to continue relatively warm with light scattered showers and highest temperatures remaining in the south.

Coolest temperatures are forecast to be in the north throughout Tuesday although it is set to stay mostly dry.

Dublin is predicted to get most of the rain on Tuesday afternoon with light easterly winds and temperatures no higher than 16 degrees Celsius.

More rain to come

Wednesday is predicted to start mainly dry with sunny spells in most parts of the country and only showers covering the west coast.

But sadly the dry weather is not to last and rain will sweep across Ireland during Wednesday evening.

Showers may become heavy in places throughout the night with Cork and Kerry getting the worst of it.

Cloud will increase from the Atlantic bringing more wet weather to Connacht and Munster into the early hours of Thursday.

The north and east counties will remain dry for most of Thursday morning but again will welcome rain in the afternoon.

A familiar outlook

There is no doubt the people of Ireland are no strangers to rain but after a run of sunny days it is always disappointing to see the wet weather setting in again.

Unfortunately, this will be the outlook for this week as it starts off dry and sunny but ends up wet and soggy just in time for the weekend.

By later Thursday afternoon the whole country will be under a rain cloud and the sun will be a distant memory for most.

And the weekend doesn’t look much better.

Even when it does dry up, a northerly wind will cause temperatures to drop even further leaving it feeling much colder than expected for the latter part of May.