Irish Weather Forecast: Sunny days to end as RAIN RETURNS for the weekend

As the weekend approaches, the mini-heatwave begins to fade to make way for some classic Irish showers.

Many parts of Ireland have basked in the glorious sun and warm temperatures this week but the good times are to come to an end as the rain returns like an old friend.

According to Met Eireann, Ireland’s Meteorological Service, temperatures are set to stay relatively warm, rising to a comfortable 18 degrees Celsius in some parts of the country.

But outbreaks of rain will sweep across the country from Friday afternoon with the west and southwest experiencing the heaviest showers.

Staying warm

As Friday arrives temperatures will remain suitably warm, reaching highs of 18 degrees Celsius in Ulster with northeasterly winds staying light.

Northern counties will stay mostly dry through Friday morning but scattered showers will be triggered by sunny spells in the afternoon.

Temperatures will be lower in the east with highs of 14 degrees Celsius in the Capital.

Dublin will also experience outbreaks of rain worsening throughout the day but temperatures will stay in double figures.

Coastal counties in the west are forecast to experience the heaviest rainfall with risks of thunder in some parts of Connacht.

More rain to come

Friday night will stay mostly dry across Ireland but will welcome Saturday with a morning mist in the north and east of the country.

Outbreaks of rain will travel from the northeast to the west throughout the day.

Temperatures will peak in the north with Belfast enjoying highs of 17 degrees Celsius in the afternoon.

The wet weather will travel south on Saturday afternoon with Cork getting the most of the rain.

Scattered showers will mostly clear by Saturday evening and will continue through the night only along the Atlantic coastline in the west.

Temperatures are predicted to drop no lower than 7 degrees Celsius on Saturday night but northwesterly breezes will make it feel cooler and cause a misty start to Sunday in parts.

Clear Sunday skies

Sunday will begin dry across the country with Met Eireann predicting bright spells for everybody until lunchtime.

The afternoon, however, will not be so pleasing with further showers set to hit west, southwest and northeast counties.

Ireland’s Midlands is predicted to escape the rain over the course of the day with highs of 17 degrees Celsius in dry areas. 

A northwesterly breeze will continue to make Atlantic coastal areas feel cooler with Galway city struggling to reach highs of 14 degrees Celsius throughout the day.

Despite the west continuing to experience showers throughout the night, all other counties will experience a dry Sunday night into Monday morning.

Monday again

After what might be a disappointing weekend weather forecast for some, the new week will start mostly dry with some light scattering of rain in parts of Ireland.

Temperatures will drop slightly to an average of 16 degrees Celsius with a northwesterly breeze staying light but some sea breezes developing along the southern coasts and travelling east.

Weather in Ireland will remain warm, with expected temperatures for May, and comfortable enough for a light jacket…with a hood.

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