Irish weather forecast: Safety concerns are raised as Ireland braces itself for Storm Lorenzo

Stay stafe! The Irish weather forecast predicts the west coast will experience the brunt of Storm Lorenzo’s arrival.

Irish weather forecast: Safety concerns are raised as Ireland braces itself for Storm Lorenzo

Irish weather can make people wonder if Ireland is safe to visit. As tropical storm Lorenzo hurtles towards Ireland at a rapid speed of 70Km/h, the Irish weather forecast strongly advises people to stay safe.

Weather experts at Met Eireann have issued a Status Orange wind warning for counties Mayo, Galway, Clare, Limerick and Kerry.

The Irish Coast Guard has also urged people to stay away from beaches, cliffs, and piers, with a strong message via Twitter to “Stay Back, Stay High and Stay Dry!”

National emergency

The Irish weather forecast predicts a thick band of rain

As the National Emergency Coordination Group discuss the imminent arrival of Lorenzo, the Irish weather forecast brings us the details.

As sea levels rise in the Atlantic throughout today, a thick band of rain will sweep across the country from west to east.

Until recently Lorenzo has been tracked as a hurricane in the United States but is now being documented as an extra-tropical storm.

In a report by the United States National Hurricane Centre at 4 pm yesterday the storm was producing cyclone winds of up to 630km from its centre.

Despite slowing down slightly before reaching the Emerald Isle, it has been warned that the west coast of Ireland will experience the brunt of its arrival.

Safety warnings

Safety warnings have been issued

Status Orange wind warnings have been issued for most of Connacht from around 6 pm this evening while Status Yellow wind warnings have been flagged for the rest of the country.

As Storm Lorenzo reaches the northwest of Ireland this evening, southwest gale force winds will pose a serious threat to coastal areas. 

A heavy band of rain will cover Connacht and west Ulster while remaining counties will continue to get strong winds and showers.

Westerly gale force winds will continue tonight, bringing a strong risk of flooding and damage.

Winds will weaken in the north during the night as Storm Lorenzo travels southeastward and starts to weaken.

Storm to calm

The Irish weather forecast predicts that the storm is to calm on Friday

Strong winds affecting Leinster and parts of Munster will begin to die down on Friday morning as Storm Lorenzo leaves Ireland considerably calmer.

Rain will clear in the southeast throughout the morning to bring clear skies and highs of 18C in Dublin.

The rest of the country will end the week largely dry with sunny spells in northwest counties and fresh clear skies with light cloud along the west coast.

The Irish weather forecast predicts the dry conditions will last overnight with a band of rain arriving in the west on Saturday morning.

Modern southeast winds will bring relief after the storm with highs of 12C in the cities and a chillier 9C in rural areas.

Rain will sweep across Ireland on Saturday bringing a wet day for most with very little sun.

Sunny Sunday

The Irish weather forecast predicts a sunny Sunday

A mixture of showers and dry spells are forecast for Saturday night before a much brighter day on Sunday.

Ulster will remain wet, however, with scattered showers throughout the day and highs of 13C in Belfast and a slightly cooler 11C in the northwest.

The Irish weather forecast suggests sunny spells further south to end the turbulent weekend.

Highs of 16C in the capital will make it a rather pleasant afternoon before Sunday night brings another wet and windy spell ahead of a new working week.

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