Irish Weather Forecast: Ireland’s Set to be HOTTER than Barcelona, Lanzarote, and Athens this Weekend

While recent weather on the Emerald Isle has been nothing short of uninspiring, it seems our luck may just be about to change.

At the end of last month, bookmakers across the country upped the ante with predictions that the island of Ireland would see record high temperatures in April.

Saying that the month has been less than favourable with high winds, heavy rain and near freezing overnight temperatures – a far cry from sunbathing weather it is fair to say.

A Change of Pace

Recent forecasts herald a change of pace, however, and it looks like the Summer switch is just around the corner, but not for long!

While Winter garb has been the protocol up until now it appears that the upcoming Easter weekend will be ripe with sunshine and balmy temperatures.

In fact, it appears that the island of Ireland will be warmer than that of top Summer holiday destinations such as Barcelona, Lanzarote, Ibiza and Athens.

The Forecast

Met Éireann, the national meteorological service and most reputable weather source on the Emerald Isle, is the fountain of such exciting information.

According to its forecast, the upcoming long weekend – Easter Weekend – will see sky-scraping temperatures.

On Good Friday, 19 April 2019, parts of the country are expected to see temperatures soar above 20 degrees Celcius – a potential all-time record.

Easter Saturday is also expected to excel with beach-friendly temperatures of over 21 degrees expected to be seen in some parts of the country.

Temperatures will take a slight dip on Easter Sunday. According to the national meteorological service, we’re looking at highs of 17 degrees – which, in comparison to recent lows sounds pretty balmy.

In Comparison

Comparatively, major holiday destinations in Europe are falling a little below expectations in terms of weather for the coming weekend.

Athens, the capital city of ancient Greece, will see highs of 17 degrees Celsius on Friday. Temperatures will dip to 16 degrees on Saturday before rising again to 18 on Sunday.

For all of you in the stunning city of Barcelona this weekend you’ll be looking at 17 degrees Celsius on Friday, followed by 19 degrees on Saturday, and 18 on Sunday.

Friday in Lanzarote is looking at highs of 19 degrees while Saturday and Sunday are expected to fall around 20 degrees Celsius.

Ibiza will offer temperatures of 17 degrees on Friday followed by 18 on Saturday and Sunday.

Enjoy It While It Lasts

For those of you dreaming of heading to the beach this long weekend, we highly suggest you do so while you can!

A spokesperson warned that this week’s heat wave will be short-lived, “it looks like our weather will become much colder and unsettled from Easter Monday onwards with rain or showers at times and with temperatures dropping back to around 10 or 11 degrees.”

Note: all temperatures listed are in degrees Celsius.