Irish Weather Forecast: Ireland Set To Be As Cold As ICELAND This Weekend

For all of you out there who claim that climate change is not a real thing, think again!

While residents of the Emerald Isle basked in the Summer sun over the long bank holiday Easter Weekend, it seems Winter is coming once more.

Met Éireann – the national meteorological service and most reputable source of climatological information – has released is forecast for the coming weekend, and it is not looking good.

In fact, Ireland is set to be as cold as Reykjavík, the capital city of Iceland, a remote and beautiful country whose Northern coast lies only 40-kilometres (25 miles) from the Arctic Circle.

Easter Weekend

This shock forecast comes only days after a mini heat wave drew those on the Emerald Isle in the direction of sand and surf for the first time this year.

The Easter bank holiday weekend saw temperatures soar above 20-degrees Celsius and locals shed their Winter garb in favour of Summer wardrobes.

In fact, according to, “Northern Ireland has recorded its warmest ever Easter…a temperature of 21.4 degrees was recorded in Armagh on Easter Monday”, making it a long weekend fit for the history books.

Lest we forget we are on the island of Ireland, however, and good weather is short-lived.

The Forecast

Met Éireann’s forecast of the weekend to come seems to summarise the fragility of our ecosystem and expose the unpredictability of our climate.

As of Wednesday, temperatures will take a slight dip with dense blankets of clouds hanging overhead.

Light showers on Wednesday will turn heavy and persistent in the evening, as bouts of thunder will take to the skies. Temperatures will slump overnight as thunderstorms continue into Thursday morning.

Sadly, Thursday is looking like more of the same. Cool temperatures will be punctuated by erratic weather including Spring showers, heavy downpours and electric storms, as well as bright skies, too. 

Thursday’s temperatures will range between 11 to 15 degrees Celsius during the day and 4-7 overnight.

We can expect Friday to offer highs of 9 to 13 degrees Celsius during the day as wet and windy weather continues to wreak havoc. Overnight temperatures will fall to between 3 and 6 degrees.

The weekend looks to be just as unappealing. Wet and windy weather will denote the days while showers will clear to sunny skies in the later afternoons.

We’re looking at daytime highs of 11 to 14 degrees over the weekend and nighttime lows of 5 to 8.

On the flip side, Iceland – a country infamous for its icy conditions – will actually offer just as cool temperatures this weekend with nighttime lows of 5 degrees Celsius.