Irish Weather Forecast: Ireland set for sunny spells followed by Heavy Rain

Irish Weather Forecast: Dry Spells followed by rain.

This week’s Irish Weather Forecast: Ireland is set for a dry start to the week but will experience heavy rainfall on Wednesday.

A slightly more pleasant week predicted in this week’s Irish Weather Forecast as we can expect it to be drier with crisp Autumn weather that is more typical of this time of year.

Don’t let sunny spells fool you – make sure you’re wearing your coats as the Met Eireann have predicted some sharp frost throughout the week ahead.

We can also expect patches of rain and moderate winds, with clear skies and sunshine breaking up the wet weather.

Dry Monday

After a mixture of sunshine and downpours during the weekend, the beginning of this week is set to remain consistently dry.

The east is projected to be pleasant as sunny spells will linger throughout the day with highs of 12 degrees Celsius around Dublin and Waterford.

The southern coast is expected to remain dry throughout the day with sunshine. Make sure to wrap up in the evening as temperatures are set to dip. Around Co. Cork, they will reach a low of 2 degrees Celsius overnight.

The north stays mostly dry with temperatures ranging from about 9 and 10 degrees Celsius and sunshine across Co. Antrim and Co. Down. Skies will be cloudy over Co. Donegal and winds will reach 15 kmph towards the Atlantic.

The west can enjoy some sunshine during the morning but will become cloudier in the afternoon and evening as southwest winds sweep over.

Overnight is to remain dry with temperatures staying between 2 and 9 degrees Celsius nationwide with clouds setting in along the west coast.

Getting slightly warmer with patches of rain

It looks to be a predominantly dry day on Tuesday, but we should expect a lot of cloud and some light patches of rain and wet spells in areas by the Atlantic coast.

We can enjoy a sunny, temperate day all across the east coastline as temperatures stay around 10 and 11 degrees Celsius with some cloud and only patchy light rain across Co. Down in the evening.

The southern coast will stay dry and very cloudy. Temperatures will reach a slightly higher average than Monday as they reach highs of 13 degrees Celsius in Co. Cork.

The north can enjoy a lot of sunshine with highs of 11 degrees Celsius in Co. Tyrone. Expect winds to be slightly stronger as they reach speeds of up to 20 km/ph along the Antrim coast.

The west will be wetter than the rest of Ireland as Co. Mayo sees some patches of rain during the day. Elsewhere we can expect cloudy weather with more sunshine further inland and highs of 12 degrees Celsius.

Outbreaks of rain are anticipated in the North and heavier outbreaks along the west coast overnight, but it should remain dry elsewhere with lows of 7 degrees Celsius.

Rain to soak Ireland

Temperatures remain consistent across Ireland but heavier rain is set to downpour across the island through most of Wednesday. Winds reach more tumultuous speeds of up to 35 km/ph in coastal areas.

Waterford is set to enjoy some sunshine but particularly heavy rain compared to the rest of the east. Temperatures have a high of 13 degrees Celsius but rain sporadically covers Dublin and elsewhere along the east coastline.

The southern coast will be slightly warmer than elsewhere on the Emerald Isle as Co. Kerry sees highs of 15 degrees, but will also see heavier bursts of rain appearing throughout the day.  

Winds will reach 30 km/ph around Co. Derry, and lighter patches of rain will scatter all across northern areas. North-western areas will see more aggressive spells of rain with light sunshine intervening.

The west can expect frequent rain throughout the day with highs of 13 degrees Celsius in Co. Clare and colder spells coming in during the evening.

Mostly dry inland overnight with temperatures slighter lower at 4 degrees Celsius in the west overnight. Expect some mist to form nationwide and heavier wet patches during this time across the north and west coast.

Drying up with sunnier spells

Thursday is currently predicted to be dry nationwide with only some minor wet patches in the northwest and low wind speeds throughout the day.

Ireland’s eastern areas will see temperatures of between 9 and 11 degrees Celsius with cloud and sunshine holding up throughout the day. Some light patches of rain might fall around Dublin and further inland, but these are expected to clear and allow for more sun.

The south stays temperate with highs of 12 degrees Celsius and sunny spells. Fresh winds will cool the air at calmer speeds of only 10 kmph.

The west stays at a similar climate with a slightly cooler temperature of 10 degrees. This will lower slightly in the evening, and it is expected that wetter weather will start to drift in. Heavier downpours may be expected overnight.

Thursday night will be much wetter with rain nationwide into early Friday morning. The west will see much heavier rain than elsewhere, but the north should expect colder temperatures overnight with a low of 5 degrees Celsius.

There is still some uncertainty for Friday. Experts have warned that a wet shower is set to come in from the south. However, it is presently expected to dry up elsewhere for more pleasant weather like what we will hopefully have seen earlier in on the week.

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