Irish weather forecast: A rainy start this week while Hurricane Lorenzo approaches

The Irish weather forecast this week shows a rainy start before uncertainty arrives with Hurricane Lorenzo.

The Irish weather forecast

The Irish meteorological service, Met Eireann, has issued its weather forecast for the week ahead, and for the most part it’s a mixture of Irish weather at its uneventful best; cloudy and wet but with sporadic sunshine and cool weather.

Temperatures will vary between 11 and 17 degrees throughout the week, dropping to as low as 2 degrees come Tuesday night.

The Irish weather forecast takes a twist at the end of the week, with the impact of Hurricane Lorenzo ensuring the weather will be unpredictable, but there is a possibility of severe weather.

A rainy start

The Irish weather forecast predicts a rainy start to the week

Unfortunately for Ireland, the weather forecast predicts a poor start to the week ahead.

The South of Ireland will be hit worse today, as the Met predicts that rain will fall in Munster and south Leinster with a possibility of thunder, while the North of the country will remain dry until the evening. Despite this, temperatures of 13 to 17 degrees are expected.

Dublin is not excluded from this, with the capital potentially suffering from heavy outbursts of rain and a strong wind expected across the county’s coast.

However, all of Ireland is at risk on Monday night, with the majority of the country expected to come under rainfall, which will be heavy in parts. Ireland will see low temperatures ranging from 7 to 11 degrees.

Possible frost Tuesday night

The Irish weather forecast predicts a risk of grass frost

The Irish weather forecast for this week shows Ulster will be Tuesday’s immediate beneficiary, with bright or sunny spells, but will remain cool at 11 to 13 degrees.

Leinster, Connaught, and Munster all face damp, blustery, and cloudy starts, but the weather will dry up with temperatures of 13 and 14 degrees.

By the end of the day, the first taste of winter will touch Ireland. Temperatures will drop to between 2 and 6 degrees, with a risk of grass frost. Mist and fog patches are also possible.

Dry midweek

Ireland looks to have some sunny spells midweek

The weather will pick up on Wednesday across the country. The temperature will vary between 11 and 15 degrees, with a dry day expected. It will be cloudy throughout the day, but we will see bright or sunny spells sporadically.

Cloud increases from the Atlantic will bring a little drizzle to the West of Ireland, while the Munster and Connaught coasts may face some light breezes in the afternoon.

Hurricane uncertainty on Thursday and Friday

Hurricane Lorenzo may hit Ireland

The Irish weather forecast becomes unpredictable on Thursday and Friday as a result of the uncertainty surrounding Hurricane Lorenzo, which is approaching Ireland from the Atlantic and, at this stage, is predicted to be a tropical storm.

The Met remains unclear as to the hurricane’s track and timing, but they believe it is possible that it could track to the West of Ireland.

However, the Met warns that there is a risk of severe weather on Thursday and Friday, and they are continuing to monitor closely the impacts that Hurricane Lorenzo may have on Ireland.

Despite this, highs of 14 degrees are expected in Belfast, and highs of 15 degrees in Dublin.

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