Three Irish stadiums included in the bid for Euro 2028

As part of the UK and Ireland’s joint Euro 2028 bid, three Irish stadiums were included amongst the 14 suggested. This comes as part of the five-nation bid to host the UEFA Euro 2028 championship.                

Three Irish stadiums included in the bid for Euro 2028.

A Preliminary Bid Dossier was made to UEFA recently to host Euro 2028 by the football associations of Wales, Scotland, England, Northern Ireland, and the Republic of Ireland.

It is the goal of these five associations that they collectively could successfully host the prestigious international tournament. If the bid proves successful, it could be quite a historic moment for all the countries involved.

Three Irish stadiums are included in the bid – the best of what Ireland has to offer

There are three Irish stadiums included in the EURO 2028 bid.

As mentioned above, as part of the Euro 2028 joint bid, three Irish stadiums were suggested to host games. These three stadiums are Belfast’s Casement Park, Dublin‘s Aviva Stadium, and its world-famous Croke Park.

While Croke Park and the Aviva stadium are already fully equipped to host hugely important games and big crowds, Belfast’s Casement Park is seeking planning permission to rebuild it so that it will become a stadium that can hold 34,578 people.

This means it will successfully meet UEFA’s minimum requirement for European Championships games. If selected, it’s expected that the Belfast venue will host at least four Euro 2028 fixtures.

A five-nation bid – a team effort

It's part of a five-nation bid.

The five-association group has issued the following statement, “The bid sets out our clear and compelling vision for UEFA EURO 2028: ‘Football for all. Football for good. Football for the future.

“Key to this vision is a commitment to diversity, social purpose, and innovation in delivering an outstanding UEFA EURO 2028 that will create unforgettable memories in sold-out, iconic stadia in famous football cities known throughout the world.

“We are delighted that Government Partners of the UK, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and officials in Northern Ireland, support this bid.

“Together we believe we can deliver a world-class tournament and that hosting UEFA EURO 2028 will achieve a strong and sustainable legacy for Football and wider society, helping to drive economic growth in local communities.”

If the bid is successful, not every suggested stadium will host a game − not all will make it

Not every stadium will be selected.
Credit: Flickr / Ed Webster

Similarly to Euro 2020, host nations will not automatically qualify but will have to do so the traditional way.

The complete list of cities and stadia that could possibly host Euro 2028 are as follows: Villa Park (Birmingham), Everton Stadium (Liverpool), London Stadium, Tottenham Hotspur Stadium (London), Wembley (London), City of Manchester, Principality Stadium (Cardiff), St James’ Park (Newcastle) Old Trafford (Manchester), Stadium of Light (Sunderland), Aviva (Dublin), Croke Park (Dublin), Casement Park (Belfast), and Hampden Park (Glasgow).

If the bid is successful, the 14 stadiums shortlisted will be cut down to ten. It remains to be seen how many Irish stadiums will make the final list if the bid is successful. However, if any of them are, it would be a considerable boost to the Irish economy.

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