Top 10 most BEAUTIFUL Irish NAMES beginning with ‘A’

Did your name make the list? Here are some of the most beautiful Irish names beginning with ‘A’.

Top 10 most beautiful Irish names beginning with 'A'.

Irish names are some of the world’s most beautiful and meaningful names. Most Irish names are incredibly poetic in their meanings. Anyone lucky enough to have a traditional Irish name is typically proud to be carrying on the Irish language tradition in their life.

We are having a look at the most beautiful Irish names beginning with ‘A’. Read on to see if your name made it on to the list.

10. Aoife – ‘ee-fa’

Aoife is pronounced 'ee-fa'.

Aoife is a popular name for girls in Ireland. It is thought to come from the old Irish ‘aoibh’, meaning ‘beauty’ or ‘radiance’. Aoife was a warrior woman in Irish mythology, known as the beloved of Cú Chulainn and the mother of his child.

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9. Aideen – ‘ay-deen’

Aideen is one of the most beautiful Irish names beginning with 'A'.

Aideen is the anglicised version of Éadaoin (same pronunciation). It is a feminine Irish name meaning ‘little fire’.

Éadaoin was a prominent figure in Irish mythology, as she was the wife of Mider of the Tuatha Dé Danann. Mider’s first wife, Fuamach, transforms her into a fly in the Mythological Cycle of Irish mythology.

8. Aifric – ‘aff-rick’

Aifric is pronounced 'aff-rick'.

This beautiful Irish name means ‘pleasant’. Aifric is a very ancient Irish girls’ name, used widely between the eighth and 15th centuries.

It was listed as “very rare” in the 1900s but has increased in popularity in recent years with the revival of traditional Irish names for newborns. We’re sure any Aifric will pleasantly live up to their name’s meaning.

7. Áine – ‘awn-ya’

Áine is one of the most beautiful Irish names beginning with 'A'.

Another feminine name, Áine is the Irish goddess of summer, wealth, and sovereignty. In Irish mythology, she is the wife of the sea god Mananánn mac Lir.

In Ireland, the pagan tradition of Midsummer Night is held in honour of Áine. It is one of the most widely used Irish girl names and one of the most beautiful Irish names beginning with ‘A’.

6. Aodhán – ‘ay-dawn’

Aodhán is pronounced 'ay-dawn'.

Aidan is the anglicised version of this masculine name. It has become increasingly popular in foreign lands in recent years.

The name Aodhán was traditionally a pet name given to people called Aodh. However, this pet name has become more popular over the years, and is now more widely recognised than Aodh.

5. Aisling – ‘ash-ling’

Aisling is one of the most beautiful Irish names beginning with 'A'.

Aisling is a gorgeous female name meaning ‘dream’ or ‘vision’. It became famous as a name in the 20th century, before which it was a term used for a type of poem popular in the 17th and 18th centuries.

In aisling poetry, Ireland was always represented in a feminine body. This female embodiment of Ireland would generally warn the reader of the country’s current state. What a beautiful background for this dreamy Irish girls’ name.

4. Anraí – ‘on-ree’

Anraí is pronounced 'on-ree'.

This Irish boy’s name is one of the most beautiful Irish names beginning with ‘A’. The name translates to ‘ruler of the home’.

Henry is this unique Irish name’s anglicised and more commonly used version. Anraí has been a scarce name in recent years, but remains incredibly beautiful.

3. Ailbhe – ‘al-va’

Ailbhe is one of the most beautiful Irish names beginning with 'A'.

Ailbhe is a gender-neutral name. While it was traditionally used as a boys’ name, it has recently grown in popularity as a girls’ name.

It is so widely known as a girls’ name today that it may, in fact, surprise most to hear that its anglicised version is Albert. It means ‘noble’ or ‘bright’ in its translation.

2. Aengus – ‘ayn-gus’

Aengus is pronounced 'ayn-gus'.

Aengus is a gorgeous masculine name. In Irish mythology, Aengus was a member of the Tuatha Dé Danann, the supernatural rulers of pre-Christian Ireland. He was considered the god of love, poetry, youth, and summer.

1. Aoibhinn – ay-veen

Aoibhinn is one of the most beautiful Irish names beginning with 'A'.

Aoibhinn is a beautiful feminine name and is very popular in Ireland. It has many meanings depending on context: ‘love’, ‘beautiful sheen’, and ‘radiant beauty’.

Indeed, any Aoibhinn you meet is undoubtedly a woman of great charm and beauty. It’s no surprise that it’s one of the most beautiful Irish names beginning with ‘A’.


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