Irish lads set to undertake gruelling 600-mile charity cycle ride to Lourdes

The group is cycling a total distance of 950 km (600 miles) over six days to raise funds to support the valuable work of the Northern Ireland Hospice.

A group of Irish lads are set to undertake a gruelling 600-mile charity cycle this Easter in support of the NI hospice.

The Northern Ireland Hospice focuses on providing palliative care and support to children and adults with life-limiting and life-threatening illnesses. The hospice also provides support to the families of those going through these illnesses.

The pandemic has made it more challenging than ever for charities like the NI Hospice to raise funds to support their vital work.

In memory of Grainne McKernan – a beloved friend and family member

Irish lads undertake gruelling 600-mile charity cycle.

The Irish lads undertaking the gruelling 600-mile charity cycle ride from Belfast to Lourdes are family and friends of the late Grainne McKernan.

Grainne, aged only 31, spent the last weeks of her life being cared for in the hospice. Recognising the vital work that the hospice does for Grainne and so many others, the group have set themselves the aim of raising £20,000.

The charity relies heavily on third-party fundraising. So, in raising this amount of money, the cyclists hope to ease the burden on the charity that works hard to provide valuable end of life care.

Speaking of his cousin Grainne, Kevin McKernan, who is leading the charity cycle, said, “Grainne was the most kind-hearted, loving person who I was lucky enough to grow up alongside.

“Growing up with her has given me so many beautiful memories to treasure. Her mood and having her in your company brought a sense of happiness and peacefulness to everyone around her.”

Irish lads undertake gruelling 600-mile charity cycle – for a good cause

The group will cycle 600 miles to raise money for the NI Hospice.

When asked why he wanted to take on the challenge, Kevin said, “Life’s far too short not to give it your all. When it comes to anything sport-oriented, I’ve always had a keen interest in taking part.

“I‘ve always wanted to do something as challenging as this. And simultaneously being able to raise money for a great cause, what better way to partake in a monumental event.

“Making history with a great bunch of family and friends with the same goal.”

A group of 13 have come together to undertake the gruelling 600-mile cycle to raise vital funds for the Northern Irish charity.

Follow the journey online – keep up to date

Irish lads undertake 600-mile charity cycle.

To prepare for the gruelling 600-mile charity cycle ride to Lourdes, the group of Irish lands are undergoing a rigorous training regime.

Each team member is currently hitting around 150-200 km per week to build up to the final cycle, which will take place over Easter 2022.

Kevin said, “The winter months have been tough. But the group keep pulling together every week and dragging each other through all types of weather.

“There has been bumps, crashes, bike failures, even one man front flipping into a ditch alongside the Lagan Towpath. But this is all part of the journey. It’s what we’ve signed up to.”

If you want to follow along their incredible journey and donate to this important cause, you can do so at

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