5 BEST Irish jewellery available online in 2024

If you are looking for an item to treat yourself to or the perfect gift for a loved one, look no further than this list of the top Irish jewellery available online.

5 BEST Irish jewellery available online in 2024

Irish culture is often represented tastefully and elegantly through jewellery.

Whether you are seeking the perfect gift for someone with a deep connection or appreciation of the Emerald Isle or you’re looking for the latest piece to add to your jewellery collection, then look no further.

We have combed the internet to bring our readers our five favourite Irish jewellery pieces available online. From the classic Claddagh to intricate and elegant designs, let’s take a look.

5. Map of Ireland Necklace, Ireland Before You Die – simple and elegant

Map of Ireland necklace from Ireland Before You Die.

We might be a little bit biased, but some of the jewellery items from our own shop are certainly worth looking at.

Simple, elegant, and representative of the island of Ireland, the Map of Ireland Necklace, available in gold and silver, is the perfect, no-frills Irish jewellery item to complete any ensemble.

This piece is available in both gold and silver, so it’ll suit all skin tones and tastes. This could be the perfect gift for someone special or a friend with a connection and appreciation for Ireland and its history and culture.

The silver is available for a very reasonable £29.99, while the gold is just £24.99. 



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4. Sterling Silver Celtic Trinity Knot Ring, Meanwhile in Ireland – an intricate knot design

The Sterling Silver Celtic Trinity Knot Ring is one of the best Irish jewellery available online.

No list of the top Irish jewellery available online would be complete without this Celtic Trinity Knot Ring from Meanwhile in Ireland.

Celtic knots are a huge part of Irish culture. Each one represents something different, but something they all have in common is a representation of interconnectedness. 

This is no different for the Trinity Knot. The Trinity Knot is perhaps one of the most well-known Celtic knots and represents things in threes, including life, death, and resurrection, as well as the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

The great news when using this site is that if you are a first-time buyer, you can get 10% off your order if you sign up for the company newsletter.


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3. Gold Plated Green Irish Crystal Shamrock Drop Earrings, Carrolls Irish Gifts – a piece of Ireland

Gold Plated Green Irish Crystal Shamrock amongst the best Irish jewellery session available online.
Credit: carrollsirishgifts.com

If you want a gift that represents Ireland, look no further than Carrolls Irish Gifts. This Irish chain souvenir shop has an excellent selection of Irish clothing, food, and jewellery that work as the perfect gift for a loved one.

For example, these stunning Gold Plated Green Irish Crystal Shamrock Drop Earrings. The shamrock is one symbol that is often associated with Ireland.

A symbol of luck, these earrings would be the perfect gift for someone with an appreciation of the symbolism and icons of Irish culture. Plus, it might even bring the wearer a bit of good luck!


2. Sterling Silver Large Green CZ Heart Claddagh Necklace, Solvar – for the non-ring wearers

Sterling Silver Large Green CZ Heart Claddagh Necklace
Credit: solvar.com

If you know someone who loves a Claddagh but perhaps doesn’t wear rings, then this Claddagh Necklace from Solvar could be the perfect gift.

Containing all the elements of the traditional Claddagh, minus the different ways to wear it, this necklace costs £75 and would make a great addition to anyone’s jewellery collection.

The Claddagh is a symbol that represents love, friendship, and devotion, and the emerald green of the middle of the heart is the perfect representation of Ireland.


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1. Irish Claddagh Ring (Premium Range) – the most classic piece of Irish jewellery

Irish Claddagh ring tops our list of the best Irish jewellery available online.

    Finally on our list of the top five Irish jewellery available online is, of course, the simple and elegant Irish Claddagh Ring.

    When you think of Irish jewellery, your mind almost instantly travels to images of the Claddagh. The Claddagh is an ancient Irish symbol that represents love, loyalty, and friendship.

    The most fascinating part of the Claddagh is that its meaning changes depending on how the wearer wears it! For example, if the Claddagh is worn with the heart facing towards you on your left hand, this signifies marriage.

    If you wear the ring on your right hand with the heart upside-down, this traditionally means the wearer is single.

    The Claddagh can also often act as an engagement ring. If that were the case, you would wear it on your left hand with the heart upside-down.

    Whether you’re buying a new Irish jewellery item for yourself or treating someone you know and love, you can’t really go wrong with the Claddagh.


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