Top 5 Irish JEWELLERY for MEN available online

Looking to invest in a timeless piece of Irish jewellery for men? Then check out five of the most tasteful pieces available online.

Top 5 Irish jewellery for men available online.

Irish folklore is rich with symbols that denote the importance of family, fidelity, love, and country.

Many Irish people across the world choose to proudly display these symbols through artwork, tattoos, and jewellery.

If you’re looking for a timeless piece for yourself, a friend, or a significant other, you’ve come to the right place. This article looks at some of the best, most tasteful Irish jewellery for men available online.

5. Celtic Knot Viking Ring Gold, Meanwhile in Ireland – family and strength

The Celtic Knot Viking Ring is one of the best Irish jewellery for men available online.

This beautiful ring from Meanwhile in Ireland blends gold and black to create a stylish ring with both Celtic and Viking connotations, an influence that still lives on today in Irish surnames.

A variation on the Dara knot surrounds the thick gold band. This knot’s name comes from the Irish for ‘oak’ – ‘dair’.

Many believe that the roots of trees are a way to connect with ancestors, and so this design symbolises a connection with family past and present.

The design also shares the oak tree’s symbol of strength in Celtic culture and is available on the Meanwhile in Ireland shop for £19.99.

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4. Celtic Cross Necklace, Ireland Before You Die – a symbol of Irish culture and identity

Celtic Cross Necklace from Ireland Before You Die.

The Celtic cross is a form of Christian cross that dates back centuries in Ireland. It is essentially the Latin cross used by Christians worldwide, with a nimbus – an indication of radiant light or glory – around the intersection.

Its origin causes debate. Some believe the ring comes from earlier wooden crosses that required struts to support the arms. Others argue it comes from Bronze Age or even earlier Christian art.

Either way, it is a symbol of Irish culture and identity recognised the world over, and this silver-plated Celtic Cross necklace from the Ireland Before You Die shop is the perfect gift for any lover of Irish culture in your life.

The beautiful piece is available now for just £14.99.

3. Gold Celtic Cross Infinity Necklace, Glencara – a Celtic Cross with a difference

This Gold Celtic Cross Infinity Necklace is one of the best Irish jewellery for men available online.
Credit: Glencara

Staying with the theme of the Celtic Cross, we come to the next item on our list of the best Irish jewellery for men available online.

The Gold Celtic Cross Infinity Necklace immediately differs from the previous Celtic Cross necklace in its colour and intricately seamless design. But yet another exquisite detail makes this piece all the more significant: the infinity symbol.

Where Ireland Before You Die’s Celtic Cross Necklace features the traditional nimbus at the intersection, Glencara’s offering incorporates an infinity sign, which takes the place of the nimbus and continues the seamlessness of the design.

This extra detail really adds to the significance of the Celtic Cross and its symbolism and is the perfect gift for someone of unwavering Christian faith.

This investment piece can be yours today for the pricier sum of £225.30.

2. Celtic Trinity Knot Rope Necklace, Meanwhile in Ireland – one of the most famous Irish Celtic symbols

The Celtic Trinity Knot is one of the best Irish jewellery for men available online.

The Trinity Knot is one of the most recognisable Irish Celtic symbols, and your Irish ties will be immediately apparent to anyone who sees you with the Meanwhile in Ireland Celtic Trinity Knot Rope Necklace.

Also known as the Triquetra, the Trinity Knot is an ancient symbol of spirituality, representing familial love and strength. It is particularly relevant to the bond between mothers and children, and so would make a perfect gift from a mother to her son. There are also more Celtic symbols for Irish mothers.

This casual yet tasteful rope necklace can be yours via the Meanwhile in Ireland shop for £19.99.

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1. Celtic Band Ring Black & Steel, Ireland Before You Die – a stunning and unique piece of Irish jewellery for men

The Celtic Band Ring is a beautiful piece.

This stylish ring from Ireland Before You Die provides a tasteful way to proudly wear your Irish heritage as you complete our 5-day heritage haven tour of Ireland.

The intricate design stands out from the black backdrop just enough to catch the eye without appearing flashy.

Speaking of the design, it comprises a beautiful Celtic knot – the sailor’s knot. The sailor’s knot features intertwined ropes, and many believe that ancient sailors created it during long voyages as a way to remember their home and their loved ones.

It symbolises friendship, affection, harmony, and love, making it a great gift for a friend or a significant other.

It is available at a price of £19.99.

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