Irish Distillers announce €250 million investment into new Cork distillery

Irish Distillers announce that there will be a considerable €250 million investment into a new distillery set in County Cork.

Irish Distillers recently announced plans for a massive €250 million investment into a new distillery in Midleton in County Cork. Welcome news to many, the plans were met with much acclaim.

The investment will support the erection of a new, purpose-built, state-of-the-art distillery expected to be fully operational by 2025.

A great attraction for the area, here is everything we know so far about the brand new Cork distillery.

Irish Distillers – proud producer of some of the world’s best Irish whiskeys

Irish Distillers reveal plans for new Cork distillery.

Irish Distillers is a world-renowned and highly successful producer of Irish whiskeys.

Exporting worldwide, they produce many well-loved whiskeys such as Jameson and Redbreast. They are also behind Powers, Midleton Very Rare, Method and Madness, and the Spot family, to name but a few.

The new Cork distillery will undoubtedly see a huge boost with the €250 million investment from a renowned brand such as Irish Distillers.

The new Cork Distillery – a world-class operation

A plan for the new distillery.

One of the main aims of the new investment is to allow Irish Distillers to be better equipped to meet their staggering demand. Therefore, ensuring that they will be able to continue producing a vast bounty of Irish whiskeys globally.   

The new distillery will continue to produce some of the world’s most renowned and successful Irish whiskeys. It will be situated on a 55-acre site and connected to the world-famous Midleton Distillery.

Subject to a successful planning application and all licensing requirements being met, the new distillery will distil pot still and grain whiskey. They will also have grain intake, brewing, fermentation, and distillation facilities incorporated into the new 55-acre site.

The new site will also incorporate various environmental projects to enhance biodiversity and protect local wildlife.

Great news for the country – the creation of many new jobs

Irish Distillers reveal plans for new Cork distillery.
Credit: Tourism Ireland

The new distillery is predicted to generate up to 100 highly skilled new jobs for the local region when the distillery becomes operational. It will also create approximately 800 jobs during the construction phase.

It will also benefit the local area hugely and is an excellent thing for the Irish whiskey industry.

Nodjame Fouad is Chairman and CEO at Irish Distillers. She said, “The new distillery will be a beautiful, landmark development with sustainability at its core.

“It will serve to further demonstrate our commitment to Midleton and East Cork, generating more jobs for the region and further driving recognition of Midleton Distillery as the beating heart of Irish whiskey.”

An industry to be proud of – Ireland at its finest

Irish Distillers give huge investment to new Cork distillery.
Credit: Tourism Ireland

At the announcement, Taoiseach Micheál Martin TD said, “The continued success of the Irish whiskey industry is something that we can be incredibly proud of as a nation.

“Irish Distillers has played an integral role in the development of the industry. Whiskey has been distilled in Midleton for nearly 200 years.

“The €250 million investment will deliver hundreds of more jobs into the future, both during construction and once the distillery is operational.

“Today’s announcement is an extremely positive development for Midleton and the wider region and will further solidify Midleton’s reputation as the home of Irish whiskey.”

We can’t wait to see what Irish Distillers create with their €250 million investment at the new Cork distillery.

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