Irish dance show welcomes over 100 Ukrainian special guests

Celtic Steps: The Show welcomed over 100 Ukrainian guests of honour to their Killarney show on 22 April.

As a warm welcome to Irish dance and culture, the award-winning Irish dance show welcomes over 100 Ukrainian special guests to enjoy their performance on Friday past.

The world champion dancers and musicians of Celtic Steps: The Show were more than happy to introduce their honorary guests to the joys of Irish music and dance.

One Ukrainian guest said that she and other guests were “in tears”  following the performance in Killarney.

Raising spirits – a special performance

Irish dance show welcomes over 100 Ukrainian special guests.
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The co-producer of the dance and music ensemble, Sean Murphy, detailed how the show came about.

He had met a Ukrainian woman and her son a couple of weeks before. In turn, he wanted to “raise their spirits” with an invitation to the show.

The mother and son, along with a larger group of Ukrainian refugees, were collected from their residence at Killarney Innisfallen Hotel and transported to the Killarney Racecourse, where the show would take place.

On arrival, they would face a flurry of yellow and blue balloons. A gesture at the entrance of the building as a special welcome to the event.

A night to remember – Irish musicians playing the Ukrainian National Anthem

It would certainly be a night to remember for the Ukrainian guests.

Celtic Steps: The Show made a wonderful gesture as the Irish dance show welcomed over 100 Ukrainian special guests on Friday night. On the night, guests had the pleasure of enjoying high-energy jigs and reels to the sound of beautiful Irish music.

However, there is one thing the special guests will not forget: the performance of the Ukrainian National Anthem by the Celtic Steps musicians. The wonderful musicians had learned the piece as a tribute to their guests.

As the night ended, David Rea, co-producer and narrator of the night, said a few words. He said, “We are delighted to have you, and we hope you have a nice time in Kerry for as long as you are here, this is a small tribute to you.”   

Act of kindness – a beautiful gesture

Irish dance show welcomes over 100 Ukrainian special guests. Well done Celtic Steps: The Show.
Credit: Instagram / @celticstepstheshow

In a time of great struggle for the people of Ukraine, this Irish dance show displayed kindness and empathy in our small pocket of the world.

Ukrainian native Natalya Krasnenkova made a comment on social media afterwards about the national anthem being played. “Thank you so much!” she said. “We appreciate it a lot. We were in tears.”

A night of jigs and reels will be one the honorary guests, as well as the other attendees on the night, will not soon forget. You can see a clip of some of the fantastic performances of Celtic Steps: The Show here.

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