Irish city ranks among top cities in Europe to raise a family

Ireland’s cultural capital breaks into the top European cities to raise a family, while Dublin lags behind as the worst in Ireland on the list.

A European e-platform has ranked Galway, Ireland’s cultural capital, amongst the top ten European cities in the continent to raise a family.

Preply, who conducted the study, analysed over 130 different cities in Europe across three separate categories, concluding with Galway claiming a stunning sixth spot on the final list.

Dublin, on the other hand, fared poorly as it ranked 66th on the list, a total of 60 spots below the west of Ireland city. The capital ranked worst in Ireland, with Cork, Limerick, and Belfast all finishing ahead.

The study – analysing the best cities in Europe to raise a family

Galway ranked among top cities in Europe to raise a family.
Credit: Fáilte Ireland

Preply conducted the study off the back of the pandemic and the rise of ‘working from home’. This, they contend, somewhat eased the pressure on parents when it came to a work-life balance with their family.

The website analysed over 130 cities across three categories: ‘Education’, ‘Health and Safety’, and ‘Leisure and Lifestyle’.

Cities obtained their scores based on a series of factors that included educational attractions, free healthcare, maternity leave, recreational spaces, and other issues.

In the top spot was Funchal, found on the island of Madeira in Portugal. Second was the Italian city of Trieste, while in third spot was Lisbon, Portugal’s capital city. Therefore, making its second entry on the list in an emphatic victory for the country.

In fourth was Iceland’s Reykjavik, whose high offer of paid maternity leave helped boost its ranking. Concluding the top five on the list of best countries in Europe to raise a family was Prague in the Czech Republic.

Ranking Ireland’s cities – raising a family on the Emerald Isle

Galway claimed sixth position on the list.
Credit: Tourism Ireland

Galway was able to claim an incredible sixth spot on the list. Thus, owing to its consistent scores across all three categories. In Education, the city ranked 18th overall. In Health and Safety, 23rd, and in Leisure and Lifestyle, 12th.

As a comparison to why Galway finished so high, the Danish city of Arhus came in at seventh by breaking into the top ten in Education and Health and Safety but finishing 41st for Leisure and Lifestyle.

Cork came in at 25th overall, with its highest ranking a strong 20th for Lifestyle and Leisure. Limerick wasn’t far behind at 29th, owing to its solid showing in Education, where it ranked 21st.

The city of Belfast ranked 35th overall on the list of cities in Europe to raise a family. Its highest showing was at Lifestyle and Leisure, finishing 17th. Dublin had a ranking to forget, finishing 66th overall.

Other factors – different cities winning different categories

Irish city ranks among top cities in Europe to raise a family.

Owing to its rich history of education and being the backbone of the Renaissance, Florence ranked first on the list for Education. Trondheim in Norway was regarded as the safest city on the continent to raise a family.

Perhaps surprisingly, London, the English capital, ranked 97th overall on the list. Glasgow, on the other hand, finished 32nd. Meanwhile, Edinburgh, like Galway, also broke into the top ten, claiming ninth spot overall.

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