Irish city ranked 7th in the world for higher education

Prospective student with a love for Ireland? You might be tempted to study in this Irish city that has ranked seventh in the world for higher education.

Irish city ranked 7th in the world for higher education.

With institutions like Trinity College, Queen’s University, and Galway University, Ireland has long been a popular destination for both local and international academics.

It comes as no surprise then that an Irish city has ranked seventh in the world for higher education. It is joined on the Campus Advisor’s definitive list by two other Irish cities that show that the Emerald Isle remains a fantastic country for students.

The Campus Advisor – helping students with important decisions

The Campus Advisor helps students make important decisions.
Credit: Pexels/ Emily Ranquist

The study was carried out by the Campus Advisor, a global network that helps prospective students of higher education find the institutions that best suit their needs, personalities, budgets, career paths, and plans for the future.

Furthermore, it aims to inform its users’ choices by providing data across a range of categories, from the petty – like Wi-Fi quality – to the crucial, including the likelihood of finding employment within six months of graduating.

The Campus Advisor bases its ratings on an average of reviews by both current and former students at each university. It has used these ratings over the past year to compile its list of the 50 best student cities in 2023.

The list takes into consideration student friendliness, public transport, cost of living, amenities, nightlife, and safety, ranking each out of five.

Galway – ranked seventh in the world for higher education

Irish city ranked 7th in the world for higher education.
Credit: Flickr/ William Murphy

Galway achieved an overall score of 4.47 and ranked seventh in the Campus Advisor’s list, behind only Vienna (Austria), Seoul (South Korea), Brno (Czech Republic), Newcastle (UK), Berlin (Germany), and first-placed Melbourne (Australia).

Ireland’s fifth most populous city scored highly for student friendliness (4.94), nightlife (4.82), and safety (4.79.) Only its scores for public transport (3.87) and cost of living (3.67) fell below a four.

Selected quotes provided by the Campus Advisor praise Galway as “one of the friendliest cities I’ve ever encountered”, adding that “the cultural scene is nothing short of fantastic, and the city is dotted with art facilities that make every corner a feast for the eyes”.

Dublin and Cork – also on the list

Dublin and Cork also made the list.

The Campus Advisor’s list also includes Dublin and Cork, ranking 38th and 22nd, respectively.

Dublin achieved an overall score of 3.96, scoring relatively highly for student friendliness, nightlife, and amenities but being let down by public transport, cost of living, and safety.

The Dublin reviews call the Irish capital a “wonderful city for any student”, with particular praise for its pubs, restaurants, and local and international student body.

Meanwhile, Cork scored a respectable 4.24, thanks to student friendliness, nightlife, safety, and amenities. Reviews praise the city’s “welcoming atmosphere, vibrant cultural scene, and friendly locals” that have made it a “second home” for many international students.

See the Campus Advisor’s list in full here.

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