The 10 most popular Irish BABY NAMES in the US (with meanings)

The 10 most popular Irish baby names in the US (with meanings).
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When it comes to choosing a name for your baby, Irish names have a specific charm and appeal that captivate parents all over the United States.

From the lyrical sounds to their rich historical and cultural significance, Irish baby names are a popular choice for many families.

In this article, we’ll explore the ten most popular Irish baby names in the US, delving into their origins and what they mean.

10. Riley – a beautiful gender-neutral name

Riley means 'courageous' or 'valiant'.

Let us kick off our list with the gender-neutral name Riley, an Irish name that has taken the United States by storm.

A name of Irish origin, Riley means ‘courageous’ or ‘valiant’. It’s a name that reflects strength and resilience, making it a great choice for your baby, no matter what gender.

9. Maeve – a name fit for a queen

The 10 most popular Irish baby names in the US (with meanings).

Maeve is a classic Irish girl name that has been popular in the United States for centuries. This name means ‘intoxicating’ or ‘she who intoxicates’.

This is a gorgeous name with roots in Irish mythology and Queen Maeve of Connacht.

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8. Quinn – uncommon in Ireland

Quinn means 'wise' or 'counsel'.

Quinn is another gender-neutral name with Irish roots. It means ‘wise’ or ‘counsel’. Quinn is more popular as a surname in Ireland but is also favoured as a first name in the States.

As such, you’ll find a lot of people with Quinn as their first name in the US, but it is certainly less popular as a first name back home on the Emerald Isle.

7. Fiadh – a wild and untamed name

The 10 most popular Irish baby names in the US (with meanings).

Fiadh has shot up in popularity at home in Ireland and further afield in recent years. The name means ‘wild’ or ‘untamed’. A typically female first name, this is the perfect choice for your child if you can spot a cheeky side to them already.

6. Connor – a strong Irish name

Connor means 'lover of hounds'.

Connor is a strong Irish name that means ‘lover of hounds’. An extremely popular name on home soil in Ireland, it has also consistently held its place among the top Irish names in America, reflecting its enduring popularity.

However, while it’s inherently popular among boys, it also has a reach as a name for baby girls in the US.

The name Connor, and its variations like Conor, carry a strong sense of pride and heritage to Irish roots. This is why many Irish Americans give it to their children.

5. Nora – a simple name

The 10 most popular Irish baby names in the US (with meanings).

The name Nora has origins in many places around the world, but the Irish Nora seems to be the short version of Eleanora or Honora.

It means ‘honour’ or ‘light’, and it brings a sense of timeless beauty and grace to any girl who bears the name. This is a great name for parents who appreciate a simpler, more modest name.

4. Fionn – fit for a hero

Fionn means 'white' or 'fair'.

Fionn translates to ‘white’ or ‘fair’. Fionn Mac Cumhaill is one of the biggest names in Irish mythology. Thus, this name is particularly appealing to those who might be interested in Irish folklore tales.

As such, the name Fionn carries a sense of bravery and nobility. It’s one of the most popular Irish baby names in the US for a reason!

3. Darragh – an inherently Irish name

The 10 most popular Irish baby names in the US (with meanings).

Darragh is a unique and distinctly Irish name. It translates to ‘oak tree’ in Irish. The name represents strength and resilience, much like the sturdy tree it refers to.

The name Darragh is much less common than some of the other names on our list, something that intrigues parents seeking names for their little ones. This Irish moniker has deep connections to nature, a great choice for the outdoorsy among us!

2. Oisín – a touch of magic

Oisín means 'little deer'.

Oisín is an intriguing name that has stemmed from Irish mythology. The name means ‘little deer’ and has roots in legends of old Ireland.

This name carries a sense of intrigue and adventure, making it a popular choice for parents who want their kids to be adventurous explorers. Oisín’s connection to Irish folklore adds a touch of magic to this name.

1. Orla – a name fit for a princess

The 10 most popular Irish baby names in the US (with meanings).

Orla is a popular Irish name in Ireland and the United States that means ‘golden princess’. It’s a name that conjures up images of regality and exuberance.

Orla has a timeless and sophisticated quality that makes it a favourite choice for parents seeking a name that exudes grace and charm. Its connection to Ireland’s cultural heritage adds to its allure.

So, Irish baby names continue to enchant parents in the United States with their rich history, captivating meanings, and charming sounds. Which name will you choose for your little one?

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