Irish Artists: Feature your art on the IB4UD shop

If you are an artist, business or designer, we’d love to feature your products on our online shop that offers a potential reach of up to 1 million customers per month. 

Our online shop offers direct access to active customers who are in the market for authentic Irish gifts. 

Our buyers seek genuine Irish products from independent artists, designers and businesses. And, while we do feature classic Irish gift shop goods (such as slogan t-shirts) our customers also seek special gifts such as art, crafts and jewellery.

Much like our Irish travel articles on Ireland Before You Die, which celebrate Ireland for its innate beauty and vibrant culture, our shop celebrates independent Irish artists and businesses. 

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We strive to showcase the very best of independent Irish brands and businesses, and wish to share these unique products with the world, as well as our large and active customer base. 

Our shop features artwork, souvenirs, gifts, crafts and designs from some of Ireland’s most respected, most popular and most promising artists and businesses. 

The shop, which attracts heavy traffic from our travel website, offers a seamless user experience for our visitors, who seek to enhance their Irish experience.

Not only will your business and products be exposed to a new and engaged audience, but increased sales and brand awareness are some of the bonuses to working with us.  

How We Work

Ireland Before You Die is an Irish-owned and operated business. We believe in building the Irish tourism industry and positively supporting other Irish businesses.

We take our work very seriously and work hard to showcase the best of Ireland to our audience. We genuinely believe we make a difference in helping Ireland become a better place by offering a platform to Irish artists, businesses or designers. We are proud to sell their products and help grow their businesses. 

We are professional, reliable, and easy to work with. Everything we do, we do with integrity and respect. We can spot the small things that create magic in our world and offer products that celebrate Irish culture, arts and crafts.

Who We’ve Worked With

Our Values

1. Curiosity – we’re naturally curious, we can’t help it

2. Passion – we’re genuinely passionate about Ireland, travel and culture

3. Positivity – we’re positive, laid-back people

4. Consistency – our passion is proved through our communication and consistency

5. Honesty – we can be held accountable for our work

6. Supporting Sustainability – we proudly promote responsible tourism in Ireland

Benefits of Working With Us

1. Access new audience

2. Attract new customers

3. Grow brand awareness

4. Target active buyers

5. Increase sales

Media Kit

You can download our media kit, with more information below:

Ireland Before You Die Media Kit

Get in touch

If this is something you would be interested in or you would like just like to ask a question, then please send us an email: [email protected].