Calling all artists and craft makers: we want your products in our shop!

We recently launched our online shop, the IB4UD SHOP, which features the best designs, crafts, art, and souvenirs by makers, brands, and businesses across Ireland. If you are an artist or craft maker, we’d love to hear from you!

Calling all talented artists and craft makers in Ireland! Get in touch because we want your products on our shop.

Since launching in 2014, Ireland Before You Die has grown to become the world-leading independent Irish travel website.

Each month Ireland Before You Die reaches over one million readers, with nearly half a million social media followers engaging, liking, commenting, and sharing its content daily.

Since day dot, its mission has been crystal clear: to celebrate Ireland’s unique culture; to share its love of Ireland with the world; and – as a 100% Irish owned and operated brand – to support other Irish businesses.

The shop

The IB4UD Shop

The launch of Ireland Before You Die’s new online store, the IB4UD Shop, marks a milestone for the brand, which is excited to extend its platform further.

Founder of Ireland Before You Die, Stevie Haughey, comments, “launching an online store is something we’ve wanted to do for years, and now I’m delighted we’ve finally done it.

“We have launched the shop with several products that we feel will bring real value to our readers.

“Currently, all our products have been made and designed by our team, but we’d love to sell amazing products from artists and craft makers around Ireland.

“So, we’d love to from any artists and craft makers in Ireland who feel their products would be a good fit for our online store.”

Stevie Haughey, Founder of Ireland Before You Die
Stevie Haughey, Founder of Ireland Before You Die

The shop aims to provide more opportunities to work with like-minded locals – from designers to artists, as well as featuring more traditional souvenirs.

To further engage with people who share in the same love for the Emerald Isle is at the core of the new online shop.

And, with a worldwide audience, Ireland Before You Die hopes to offer its followers an exciting platform where they can seek authentic Irish products and gifts.

The Dublin Landmark Mug

Calling all artists!

Art already on the IB4UD Shop

To mark the launch of Ireland Before You Die’s new online shop, the site is calling for all independent Irish businesses, artists, designers, and makers to get in touch.

While the shop aims to offer the gift shop essentials, Ireland Before You Die also recognizes that many of their readers are on the hunt for something a little more unique, jewellery or art, for example.

More so, Ireland Before You Die hopes to support the growth of small Irish businesses and assist them in growing their brand with an audience of over one million viewers per month.

How to get in touch

Artists and craft makers in Ireland, if you feel your products would be a good fit for the IB4UD Shop, then we’d love to hear from you!

The benefits to being featured on the newly launched Ireland Before You Die Shop include:

  • Access new audience
  • Attract new customers
  • Grow brand awareness
  • Target active buyers
  • Increase sales

If you are interested in feature your Irish art, craft, designs or products on our shop, get in touch with us today: [email protected] 

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