Ireland’s very own Lord of the Rings themed ‘Shire’ bar can be found in Killarney

Anyone familiar with JRR Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings will know that ‘The Shire’ home of the Hobbits sits within the Kingdom of Arnor.

But in Ireland ‘The Shire’ is a quirky bar nestled within the Kingdom of Kerry.

Found in Michael Collins Place in Killarney, this cute café/bar is really ‘precious’ and worth a visit for any Baggins fans.

A ‘Shire’ thing

Whether it’s a hearty breakfast, an evening meal or just a cheeky pint you are after, The Shire bar in Killarney has it all.

An impressive bar menu offers a vast range of locally brewed ales served in either half-pints or a more Hobbit-esque tankard.

For a truly unique way to pass the afternoon, a tasting tray of different beers is available.

Not to mention a selection of tasty cocktails and ‘Shire shots’ to add a tempting twist to the evening.

The Shire bar itself is an eye-catching den of handcrafted wooden stools, long tables and cosy nooks.

It is the perfect place for a quiet drink with friends or a more raucous occasion for which a private party section can be reserved.

Food for thought

The Shire café serves an impressive menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Killarney can be expensive at times, but at The Shire bar, you can enjoy a hearty meal for a reasonable price this side of the Kingdom.

Whether you prefer to start the day sweet or savoury, there is plenty to choose from the breakfast menu until 12 pm.

A traditional full Irish also comes in a vegan option while the pastries and waffles smothered in chocolate are particularly tempting.

Lunch offers a very reasonable choice of salads, soups and wraps or larger meals for the bigger midday appetite.

While the dinner menu is equally delicious with a huge variety of dishes and the sizzling fajitas a tasty favourite.

In true ‘Kerry style’ staff are friendly while the furnishings are fun yet modern and stylish.

The sequel

Accommodation is available at The Shire bar should you wish to prolong your visit.

The little rooms are cute and comfortable or the 4 or 8-bed dorms are perfect for a larger group.

Parties can be arranged in advance via the café and bar to make a special occasion really memorable.

The Kingdom Comedy Club is held at The Shire bar every Tuesday and Thursday night while traditional music sessions can be enjoyed other days.

And if that is not enough, the Lord of the Rings-style venue is conveniently located in the heart of Killarney town.

Bars, restaurants, shops and entertainment flood the quaint streets where people gather from all over the world at all times of the year.

While the stunning Ring of Kerry can be easily found and explored at your leisure.

The Shire may not be Tolkien’s Middle Earth but it will certainly be the centre of your world for the time you spend in Killarney.

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