Is summer on the way? Ireland’s glorious Easter forecast as U.K. set to be ‘hotter than Ibiza’

After a week of rain, wind, and even some snow, everyone in Ireland will be glad to hear that spring is on the way with Met Eireann’s five-day forecast.

With a week of weather in the U.K. that is set to be ‘hotter than Ibiza’, Ireland’s glorious Easter forecast will be welcomed by many across the Emerald Isle.

After a long and cold winter that felt like it would never end, bright and sunny weather will be sure to lift the spirits of many across Ireland.

Many were glad to have an extra hour of daylight in the evenings as the clocks moved forward on Sunday morning, and bright conditions will add to the feeling of spring in the air.

After a week of cold, wet, and windy weather, here is Ireland’s glorious Easter forecast.

Wednesday 31 – cloudy with bright spells

Ireland's glorious Easter forecast from Wednesday.
Credit: Fáilte Ireland

Wednesday is set to be cloudy throughout most of Ireland, with occasional sunny spells in the south-east.

Rain and drizzle will persist in the north-west on Wednesday morning but are set to die down in the afternoon.

Temperatures across most of Ireland are set to reach highs of 9 C to 13 C (48.2 F to 55.4 F), with the south-east reaching highs of 11 C to 15 C (51.8 F to 59 F).

Thursday 1 – we promise this isn’t an April Fool

Beautiful weather on Thursday.
Credit: Tourism Ireland

With Ireland’s glorious Easter forecast predicting conditions so good, you might think it’s a practical joke; the sun is set to shine across Ireland on 1 April.

A Met Eireann forecaster predicted, “Dry with good sunny spells and some passing clouds.”

Temperatures across Ireland are set to reach highs of 10 C to 13 C (50 F to 55.4 F), with temperatures in the south-east reaching as high as 14 C to 17 C (57.2 F to 62.6 F).

Friday 2 – Good Friday

Ireland's glorious Easter forecast will see a sunny Good Friday.
Credit: Fáilte Ireland

As we move into the Easter weekend on Good Friday, conditions are set to cool slightly.

Met Eireann predicts that Friday will be “dry with good sunny spells”, but it will be cloudier at times in the northern half of the country.

Highest temperatures will reach 9 C to 13 C (48.2 F to 55.4 F) across the island, and conditions will be coolest in the north and east.

Saturday 3 – another dry day

Another dry day on Saturday.
Credit: Tourism Ireland

Saturday is once again set to be a mostly dry day with good sunny spells across the island, but cloud is set to build as we move into the afternoon.

Temperatures will reach highs of 10 C to 14 C (50 F to 57.2 F) throughout the day, with westerly breezes coming in later in the day.

Easter Sunday – the return of rain

Ireland's glorious Easter forecast set to turn on Sunday night.

As Easter Sunday approaches, Ireland’s glorious Easter forecast begins to turn as conditions will become colder with a northerly airflow spreading over the country.

Met Eireann forecasts, “Rain will be followed by widespread showers from the north for Sunday and Monday”, and conditions are set to become wintry from Sunday evening onwards.

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