Ireland’s favourite staycation spots, revealed

Head to the west of the Emerald Isle this year to experience Ireland’s favourite staycation spots.

Ireland’s favourite staycation spots, revealed.

With many factors affecting foreign travel opportunities, many people opt to stay closer to home.

These staycations often offer a straightforward way to take a break from your usual routine and explore unfamiliar territory, without breaking the bank or using your passport.

So, where do people head for the best staycations on the Emerald Isle? A Betfair Casino survey has shed light on the subject, revealing Ireland’s favourite staycation spots.

Staycations – enduring popularity

A shot of a mountain from under an arch in Connemara National Park.
Credit: Ireland’s Content Pool/ Chaosheng Zhang

During the Covid-19 pandemic, global travel restrictions made international travel much more difficult. As a result, many people stayed closer to home, exploring regions of their country they’d never visited before.

Thus, the staycation took centre stage to sate people’s travel needs.

This form of travel has maintained its popularity in the years following the pandemic, as the cost of living crisis and rising inflation rates, rather than a global health crisis, have made international travel more difficult.

With this in mind, Betfair Casino conducted a survey to find out Ireland’s favourite staycation spots.

Ireland’s favourite staycation spots –  west is best

A shot of pedestrians on a busy High Street in Galway, one of Ireland’s favourite staycation spots.
Credit: Unsplash/ Justin Scocchio

Betfair Casino’s list featured honourable mentions in its top ten for Westport (tenth), Kilkenny (ninth), Waterford (eighth), Wexford (seventh), Killarney (sixth), Cork (fifth), and Dublin (fourth), but three western destinations came out on top.

Beautiful County Donegal, with its beautiful beaches and surf spots, took third place. Meanwhile, County Kerry, home to lovely towns like Tralee, Dingle, and the aforementioned Killarney, came second.

Out on top was County Galway, which boasts one of Ireland’s most buzzing and welcoming cities and offers escapes into nature via Connemara National Park and the Aran Islands.

Other data – what else did the survey reveal?

A boat floats on the crystal clear waters beside a beach in the Maldives.
Credit: Unsplash/ Colin Watts

Betfair Casino’s survey also brought to light other key data, including the most desirable foreign destinations, biggest travel ‘icks’, and most irritating inconveniences that can occur on holiday.

The Maldives and the Caribbean were among the most desirable holiday destinations, alongside the likes of Santorini, Italy’s Amalfi Coast, Bali, and the South of France.

Unsurprisingly, some of the top travel ‘icks’ included long queues, transport delays, lack of legroom, and sitting next to someone with poor hygiene.

Top holiday irritations cited were a lack of air conditioning, noisy hotel neighbours, disrespectful tourists, and, critical in the digital age, a lack of free WiFi.

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