Ireland vs Britain: 7 Things Tourists Prefer About Ireland

5. Irish Folklore and Mythology

Unlike the idealistic, fairy tale stories specific to the countries closer to mainland Europe, the Irish folklore is much more intense, filled with passion and tragedy, brave warriors and fierce creatures. These have transcended time, being depicted in numerous books, paintings, and sculptures of nowadays Ireland. And, of course, the shamrock and the trouble-making leprechauns seal the deal for the newcomers.

6. The Irish Coastline

Ireland might be considerably smaller than Great Britain, but its coasts offer some of the most amazing landscapes in the world. The sounds of the winds breaking waves against rocks and the stunning Atlantic are some of the elements that tourists want to experience in person.

7. Irish Cuisine

Even though the British diet is very similar to the Irish one, traditional Irish food is adored by tourists. Potatoes and vegetables are the basis of most meals, particularly the famous Irish stew which is recognized and appreciated everywhere in the world.

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