Ireland vs Britain: 7 Things Tourists Prefer About Ireland

Irish tourism is booming, with more and more visitors from all over the world each year. Statistics and recent surveys also indicate that the lovely island of Ireland has managed to overtake its “older sister”, Great Britain, in matters of tourists’ preferences. With this fact in mind, one can only wonder why that is, and, taking into consideration a large number of testimonials, articles, forum posts, and interviews, these are some of the most prominent reasons that place Ireland on top of the tourists’ preferences.

1. Irish Beer

Even if it might seem a bit shallow or childish, it appears that the simplicity and creaminess of the British stout or the classic ales are no match for the worldwide recognition, rich texture, and unique taste of Guinness. A large part of the male tourists landing here each year are extremely attracted by the idea of tasting authentic Guinness beer on the realms of its creation.

2. Irish Music

Great Britain might be the host of some of the world’s most amazing music festivals, yet when it comes to national music, the soulfulness and depth of traditional Irish songs as well as the unique dancing rhythms and sounds of bagpipes come first in the visitors’ playlists.

3. Ireland’s Peaceful Vibe

As Britain becomes more and more crowded with skyscrapers and top-notch futuristic architecture, the atmosphere becomes more and more specific to the agitated urban lifestyle. At the opposite pole, Ireland seems to be trying its best to preserve as much of the traditional cosy and natural style as possible. Visitors coming here for the first time are mesmerized by the beauty and tranquillity of the scenery, feeling relieved and at peace.

4. Irish History

A large segment of tourists come here to witness in person the ancient castles, church ruins, towers and round bridges, and burial tombs so well preserved by the Irish nation. Although Britain has no shortage of such sites, there’s just something about ancient Ireland that interests tourists more than sites in Britain.

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