Irish Weather Forecast: Ireland to get MORE RAIN this weekend but temperatures recover for next week

The people of Ireland are no strangers to rain with this weekend no exception.

After a week of torrential downpours and cool temperatures Irish meteorological service, Met Eireann, has predicted even more rain for this weekend.

Areas along the west coast of Ireland will get most of the showers tonight as the rain travels south during the early hours of Friday morning.

The night will feel chilly for June with temperatures reaching highs of 8 Degrees Celsius in the towns and as low as 3 degrees Celsius in rural parts.

Risk of thunder

Friday will begin dry and sunny for some parts of Ireland with Ulster getting the best of the weather.

Temperatures will feel pleasant in Belfast for the morning commute, reaching highs of 15 degrees Celsius towards lunchtime with a light southeasterly breeze to accompany the sunny spells.

Rain may fall intermittently in the north of the country but the showers will be light and pass quickly.

Heavier rain will stay in the south and travel across to the southeast during the morning.

These showers will be heavy at times with the risk of thunder and even flooding in places.

The west will stay mostly dry during Friday morning but as the rain travels north, Connacht will experience showers as it passes.

By Friday evening the whole country will be under a blanket of rain while thunder is predicted for counties in the north, across the Midlands and along the east coast during the night.

The rain will eventually become lighter in the west and the south towards the early parts of Saturday morning but the southwest winds will keep temperatures low.

Munster and Connacht will dry up for a while but temperatures will struggle to rise, staying as low as 5 degrees Celsius throughout the dawn.

Low pressure brings even more rain

As the weekend progresses, little will change with the weather and even more rain is set to persist across the country.

An area of low pressure over the Emerald Isle will keep temperatures lower than expected for June and showers continuous.

Dublin will get the heaviest showers during Saturday morning but they will become gradually lighter throughout the day.

Cloud will clear towards the evening with the rain eventually passing during the night.

Temperatures will range between 12 – 16 degrees Celsius in the capital, leaving the weekend feeling colder than usual for mid-June.

West and southwest counties are set to get most of the sunny spells on Saturday but by late afternoon rain will sweep across these parts too.

Sunday showers

Munster and Connacht will stay under a rain cloud for most of Sunday with a risk of heavy downpours returning in places.

This will continue until nightfall with little hope of cloud clearance and temperatures staying low.

Sunny spells are predicted to return in the north and northeast of the country for a time on Sunday afternoon but not set to last.

The rest of Ireland will stay wet for the remainder of the weekend with temperatures rising slightly ahead of next week.

By Monday, temperatures will have recovered slightly for the time of year and are forecast to continue to rise gradually throughout the week.

The rain, however, will continue to fall sporadically until at least Wednesday.

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