Irish Weather Forecast: Ireland to escape the full blast of STORM MIGUEL this weekend

We might not have the driest of weekends to look forward to but Met Eireann, Ireland’s Meteorological Service, has dismissed fears that Storm Miguel will affect the Emerald Isle.

The Spanish storm is forecast to sweep Britain, bringing a mix of heavy rain and strong winds but it will not travel as far as Ireland.

The tail end of the extreme weather will bring a risk of showers in the east and southeast of the country on Friday afternoon but overall Ireland will escape the full brunt of the beast.

 Clear start for most

Friday will begin dry in most places with sunny spells and highs of 17 degrees Celsius in parts.

Light northerly winds will help clear any scattered showers that cover Ulster with Belfast reaching highs of 16 degrees Celsius in the afternoon.

It will be slightly cooler in the capital with more cloud coverage and a risk of heavier showers thanks to the remnants of Storm Miguel once it has hit the UK.

The rain will be at its heaviest across Ireland’s eastern coastal areas and will persist throughout Friday night with temperatures dropping to an average of 9 degrees Celsius in the east and northeast.

The west will stay mostly dry on Friday but the night will bring the risk of isolated showers along the Atlantic coastline.

Southern counties will remain dry with clear skies throughout Friday and into Saturday morning.

The rain returns

Saturday is predicted to bring rain across the whole of Ireland with this outlook forecast to persist well into the afternoon.

The showers will clear along the east coast towards Saturday night but travel west resulting in a wet spell for Connacht.

Galway will experience highs of 14 degrees Celsius throughout Saturday but drop as low as 5 degrees Celsius overnight, leaving it to feel cooler than expected for June.

Westerly winds will sweep the Emerald Isle throughout the night but will not be impacted by Storm Miguel.

According to Met Eireann, the extreme blast felt by our neighbours will only “clip” the east coast of Ireland before travelling away from the Irish Sea.

A narrow escape

So in short, Ireland is in for a wet weekend with most areas getting showers at some stage but no extreme weather warnings have been issued.

Sunday will be a similar outlook with scattered showers remaining mostly in the south and along the west coast.

Despite a promise of sunny spells to appear over the course of Sunday afternoon, the showers will sweep further across the country resulting in a blanket of rain covering Ireland by Sunday lunchtime.

The sunny southeast will be the only part of Ireland lucky enough to escape the wet weather during the last few hours of the weekend.

Leinster and the Midlands, however, will clear overnight and wake up to a dry Monday morning.

Ulster and the west coast will still experience rain for the early commute with no sign of brightening up any time soon and the entire country finding itself under another blanket of rain by lunchtime.

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