Irish Weather Forecast: Ireland to bask in summer glory as temperatures rocket to 24C this week

The Emerald Isle is arguably one of the most beautiful places on earth … in the summer!

And this week the people of Ireland can look forward to yet more summer glory full of dry weather and sunshine.

According to Irish Meteorological Service, Met Eireann, temperatures will soar to a toasty 24 degrees Celsius by Tuesday with the sunny southeast living up to its reputation.

A cloudy start

The week will begin slightly more predictable with a band of cloud sweeping the country through the course of Monday.

Outbreaks of light rain will hit counties in the north, west and south of Ireland, becoming heavier in Ulster in the afternoon.

Temperatures will reach highs of 20 degrees Celsius in the south while the Midlands will feel slightly more humid at 21 degrees.

The west coast will stay dry and sunny in the afternoon with light southwesterly winds keeping conditions pleasantly cool.

Monday night will stay dry in most parts of Ireland with temperatures staying in double figures, averaging 13 degrees Celsius.

Rain will persist in Northern Ireland until the early hours of Tuesday morning.

Hotting up!

Tuesday will be a dry sunny day for most as temperatures rise throughout the morning.

Highs of 24 degrees Celsius in Cork will leave the city feeling humid while 23 degrees in the sunny southeast will make perfect beach weather.

Light drizzle will persist in the northwest of the country and will spread across the north and towards the east of Ireland by late afternoon.

It will stay warm, however, making it feel muggy in the capital with light spots of rain in the evening cooling conditions down slightly.

The west and southwest are forecast a glorious dry day of sunshine, little cloud and light winds.

Parts of Connacht and Ulster will continue to get spots of rain throughout Tuesday night but everywhere else will stay dry.

Not to last

Weather experts predict the rain to increase by Wednesday and travel towards the southwest.

The north and northeast counties are also set to experience scattered showers throughout the day.

Temperatures will drop slightly but still maintain an average of 20 degrees Celsius in most parts of the country.

The southeast will continue to enjoy dry and sunny conditions with the chance of rain predicted to hold off until Friday evening.

Ulster and Connacht will continue to get outbreaks of showers through Wednesday with highs of 19 degrees Celsius in Belfast in the afternoon.

Most areas are set to dry up for a while on Thursday night bringing a humid night with temperatures not dropping below 13 degrees Celsius.

More rain to come

The rain is forecast to return on Friday and cover the entire country by the afternoon.

It is predicted, however, to clear overnight ready for the weekend.

All in all, Ireland is set for a relatively dry start to the week with the highest temperatures on Tuesday.

Wednesday will bring rain but dry up on Thursday before soaking us again on Friday.

The sunny southeast is the place to be this week if you’re not a fan of getting wet and want to catch a glimpse of summer glory.

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