Ireland Set To Have HOTTEST Day Of All-Time in 2019

Odds Slashed: Ireland Set to Have the Hottest Day of All-time in Summer 2019

It is time to don your bathing suit and hit the beach, according to bookmakers, Summer is just around the corner!

As Spring is in full bloom in Ireland, people all across the country are eagerly watching the forecast daily to see what is in tow for the Emerald Isle.

2018 brought manic weather; freak snowstorms in April were answered by an intense heatwave in the Summer months.

Lest we forget, there was a near-nationwide drought and tarmac roads melting under the relentless sun.

Now, as Spring 2019 finally rears its head, the odds are in and betting agents swear it is going to be another cracker of a summer on the island of Ireland!

The Bets Are In

Boyle Sports – Ireland’s leading and largest independent bookmaker – is throwing down odds on the coming months left, right and centre.

Much to our delight, the consensus is clear: it is going to be another sizzling Summer on the Emerald Isle.

For all of you out there feeling those Summer vibes starting to creep up, the time is now to start shopping for swimwear. If these odds are right, it’ll be beach weather in the coming weeks.

Record Breaking Temperatures

Current odds stand at 2/1, cut from 3/1, that Ireland will experience its hottest temperature ever this Summer, exceeding the record at 33.3 degrees Celsius.

In recent weeks, bookmakers have revised odds that were originally 11/10 and dropped them to 5/6 for the 2018 record temperature in Ireland to be broken this coming Summer.

Other hot bets include 2/1 that April 2019 (which starts in just a few days) will see temperatures soar above 25.8 degrees Celsius, which again would break the record for highest temperature.

There are also odds put on both June and July to break record temperatures too, at 11/8 and 6/4.

A big gamble is 33/1 that Donegal will have the highest temperature in the country.


If last year is anything to go by, it is time to start stocking up on the sunscreen and donning your lightest layers once again. With only a few days until April, it seems Summer is, in fact, on our doorstep.

Spokesperson of BoyleSports, Sarah Kinsella said in response to these revelations, “it was great to have such a lovely hot summer last year and after a mild winter, the 2/1 for Ireland to break the record of 33.3 looks pretty generous and we have had a lot of support for this.”

She added: “There has also been some interest in last year’s highest temperature of 32 C being surpassed as we have had to slice the price from 11/10 into 5/6”.

Note: this article is not an ad for gambling but place a bet on this, Ireland Before You Die encourages you to do so responsibly!

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