Ireland is 2nd best country in the world according to Good Country Index

Results are in and Ireland has won second place in the Good Country Index.

The Good Country Index is a yearly ranking of countries who are contributing the most to humanity. The test aims to quantify each participating country’s impact on global wellbeing and humanity as a whole, via a number of specific categories.

The test includes 163 out of the 195 countries in the world. Participants have been scored on various aspects of culture as well as behaviours, policies, social and political aspects.

Good Country Index

There are 35 categories in the Good Country Index, in which participants are judged by. Points earned for each category are combined to find an average, resulting in a country’s “score”, which leads to its overall ranking.

These “scores” also indicate a country’s ranking in the leading seven categories.

The leading seven categories, which are taken into consideration when judging the Good Country Index are science and technology, culture, international peace and security, world order, planet and climate, prosperity and equality and health and well-being.

The United Nations are the principal contributor for information and statistics to the Good Country Index, with regards to the participating countries.

The Good Country Index was invented by Simon Anholt, an Independent British policy advisor, and the index itself was built by Dr Robert Govers, with the support of leading government institutions and agencies.

Overall, the aim of the index is to highlight each country’s contribution to humanity, the planet and our collective future.

The Results

The 2019 results saw European countries dominate the top 10. The only, non-European country to have earned itself a place was Canada at 10th place.

First place was awarded to Finland, who earned the top spot for their overall high rating across the 35 categories which make up the Good Country Index.

Second place was awarded to Ireland, which has been continuously ranked high in the index, over the years.

Third and fourth places went to Sweden and Germany respectively, while Denmark was listed as fifth place.

Switzerland stole sixth place while Norway and France were slotted into seventh and eighth place. Ninth place was awarded to Spain.

Ireland’s Ranking

Ireland was ranked at 2nd place on the Good Country Index. It is not uncommon for the Emerald Isle to be listed high up on the measurement rating. In fact, in 2014, Ireland won first place.

Areas which Ireland specifically excelled in this year include “International Peace and Security” in which it earned itself fourth place, out of all participating countries.

It also won the sixth place for “Prosperity and Equality” and ninth place overall for the “Culture” category.

The Top 10:

1.    Finland

2.    Ireland

3.    Sweden

4.    Germany

5.    Denmark

6.    Switzerland

7.    Norway

8.    France

9.    Spain

10.    Canada

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