Ireland in October: weather, climate, and top tips

October in Ireland is a great time of year. There are many amazing events and the weather is perfect for cosy evenings. Find out all about October in Ireland below.

October can be an exciting month in Ireland. Summer may be fading into the distance, but autumnal wonders are in full swing, seeds are being sown ahead of winter, and Halloween is drawing near.

The evenings get shorter during October and school is well underway after a long summer break. As the seasons change, leaves begin to fall from the trees, and there is often a chill in the air.

But generally, October in Ireland is a time to admire the natural beauty, stock up on firewood, and plan your garden for the following year. Many tourists will have gone by October leaving heritage tours and local attractions quiet.

It is an excellent month for a weekend getaway, a brisk walk on the coast, or woodland forage for late-blooming berries.

31 October is Halloween, a pagan festival originating in Ireland, and many of the sightseeing spots will offer a themed package for some family fun.

October weather

It's cosy to wrap up in hat and scarves during autumn in Ireland.

October weather in Ireland is usually fresh with an autumnal bite in the wind and a chill in the air. As with every month, rain is likely at some stage, but it is by no means the wettest time to visit the Emerald Isle.

It is a pretty month with leaves turning from bright summer green to shades of burnt orange and crispy brown. The wind helps them fall throughout the month, leaving plenty of dry leaf piles to play in. Shorts and t-shirts may be packed away in October, and a cosy Aran cardigan is the perfect holiday purchase.

Temperatures drop by around six degrees in October and evenings can be cold. Average temperatures range between 8°C and 13°C, with the west of the country often slightly warmer but wetter.

Dry days will still outnumber the rainy ones until November, with bright, dry afternoons perfect for outdoor excursions in October.

Wind speeds tend to pick up in October in Ireland making a ‘bad hair day’ imminent, especially if it rains as well! Storms can occur from the Atlantic during October in Ireland, often leaving counties in the west a bit battered and without electricity from time to time.


The climate for Ireland in October is wetter and windier, but still warm enough.

At the end of the month, the clocks go back one hour, bringing sunset forward and cutting daylight hours. Sunrise happens earlier, leaving the autumn mornings perfect for a brisk early morning walk.

With shorter days and plummeting temperatures, October in Ireland can also bring a thick damp fog, particularly around coastal areas. Misty mornings add a chill to the season, and as the month progresses, the climate becomes more cold and grey.

Fog can linger in October, making it feel cold at night and during the early morning. Central heating is usually being used regularly by now, and hats, scarfs, and gloves are being dug out for the school run.

Winds can be strong, making it a bit wild when the rain falls, especially beside the Atlantic coast or next to the Irish Sea.

Climate change in recent years has brought wetter spells in October with a risk of flooding on the rise. It is a concern among rural communities and continues to be monitored across Ireland.

Top tips

Samhain is one of the bets events that happens in Ireland in October.

Although you won’t get much sunshine and be taking a gamble with the rain, October in Ireland can be a lovely time to visit. Seasonal changes in Ireland in the autumn bring a new landscape to beauty spots, and there is a fresh atmosphere to explore.

Wildlife can be seen gathering food supplies ahead of winter, and new birds can be spotted in the gardens.

The GAA ladies finals are usually held in Croke Park in October. They can be great to watch in the stadium, with tickets usually a lot easier to get hold of than the All Ireland Finals in September.

Some of the tourist attractions begin to close at the end of October, so they are often very quiet. This means you can stroll around at your leisure and see the sights without queuing.

A lot of sites display a Halloween theme during October with pumpkins, witches, and ghouls bringing a new atmosphere to some of our most popular spots.

Ireland in October is the the time for Halloween spookiness.

31 October in Ireland is Halloween, the old Irish pagan celebration of Samhain that marks the end of summer.

It is believed that on this night, the souls of the dead visit us. The Celts lit bonfires to scare away any evil spirits and disguised themselves with animal heads and skins so the dead would leave them alone.

Nowadays, there is a more fun aspect to Halloween, and children dress up to play trick or treat to neighbour’s houses for something sweet. But if you would rather embrace the more traditional horror of Samhain, there are plenty of things to do in Ireland.

Haunted castles and pubs, scary trails through cemeteries, and Halloween festivals with spooky storytelling are all on offer.

Not to mention the delicious Halloween traditions of Barmbrack and Colcannon to sample. With all this in mind, a visit to Ireland in October can be spook-tacular!

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