Introducing Cody: The Gardaí’s adorable new puppy recruit

The Gardaí has introduced their newest recruit: an eight-week-old German shepherd pup named Cody.

Say hello to the Gardaí’s adorable new puppy recruit, an eight-week-old German shepherd pup named Cody.

In a post on social media this week, An Garda Síochána introduced the brand new addition to their team melting the hearts of people all over Ireland.

The German shepherd pup has already proven popular among the Gardaí’s social media followers as he poses proudly atop a Gardaí car ready to start his first day on the job.

A new recruit – everyone loves the new guy

Gardaí’s adorable new puppy recruit.
Credit: Twitter / @gardainfo

Cody is set to join the Garda Dog Unit in the Southern region and will report to Garda Pat Harrington, who he poses alongside in the photos.

Alongside the photos, a Gardaí spokesperson said,

“Garda Pat Harrington and his new Garda dog Cody!

“Cody is an 8-week old German shepherd and the newest addition to the Garda Dog Unit in the Southern region!”

Cody is set to undergo plenty of training before beginning his crime-fighting duties alongside his four-legged friends and claim his very own Garda badge.

Joining a great team – some great role models

Two other Gardai dogs on duty.
Credit: Twitter / @gardainfo

Dogs in the Garda Dog Unit have done plenty of great work in the past from finding missing persons, firearms, drugs, and cash. So, we’re sure Cody has a bright future ahead of him.

Other An Garda Síochána dogs that have made headlines in the past include sniffer dog Rex who took almost €25,000 worth of suspected cocaine off the streets in October after discovering two packages in two separate operations in Cork.

Four-year-old Bear, a Belgian Malinois Cross, became a brave hero after he hunted down armed robbery suspects in north Dublin last June.

So, we have no doubts that Cody will be learning from the best crime-fighting pups in Ireland as he gets his training to fulfil his crime-fighting duties.

Gardaí’s adorable new puppy recruit Cody.
Credit: Twitter / @gardainfo

After the photos were posted on social media, comments flooded in supporting Cody.

One woman wrote, “Welcome to the team Cody. Dog treats at the ready for you when I get to meet you.”

Another wrote, “I’ve had German Shepherds all my life, and they’re the most loyal, obedient, intelligent, and loving dogs.

They love having proper tasks, and that’s why they make great worker dogs.

Wishing you both a long and safe partnership.”

We’re excited to see what’s to come from the Gardaí’s adorable new puppy recruit.

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