Incredible photos of huge Lion’s Mane Jellyfish on Irish beach

The amazing photos show the scale of the enormous jellyfish that washed up on the Irish beach.

Incredible photos posted online show the huge Lion’s Mane Jellyfish that washed up on an Irish beach last week.

The Lion’s Mane Jellyfish is the largest species of jellyfish in the world, with tentacles reaching as long as 120 ft (36.6 m).

These beautiful – yet dangerous – creatures are most commonly found in the Atlantic Ocean and the Irish Sea. Thus, they will occasionally wash up on Irish beaches, as happened last week in County Clare.

A fascinating creature – not to be messed with

This fascinating creature is not to be messed with.
Credit: Facebook / @Burrenshores

Burren Shores – Beachcombing & more took to Facebook last week to post the incredible photos of the huge Lion’s Mane Jellyfish on the Irish beach.

The photos show the colourful sea creature lying on the shores of Fanore Beach in County Clare.

Posting the photos on social media, the people behind the popular Facebook page wrote, “Exciting visitors to Fanore Beach this morning resulting in a red flag day for the swimmers.”

Due to their sting, the jellyfish can be dangerous for humans. A sting can cause blisters, irritation, muscular cramp, and even respiratory and heart function problems.

Thus, the arrival of the jellyfish on the beach’s shores meant swimming and bathing had to be put on hold.

A giant jellyfish – an incredible size

The huge Lion’s Mane Jellyfish on the Irish beach.
Credit: Facebook / @Burrenshores

To show the size of the huge Lion’s Mane Jellyfish on the Irish beach, photos posted to the Burren Shores – Beachcombing & more Facebook page show a reusable coffee cup sat atop the creature.

The close-up shots show the incredible detail of the majestic creature. Their unique colouring, incredible pattern, and translucent body are truly mesmerising to behold.

The photos even managed to capture the creature’s terrifying sting, which looks similar to something observed under a microscope.

An incredible reaction – social media users shared the photos over 1000 times

The amazing detail of the fascinating creature.
Credit: Facebook / @Burrenshores

Social media users shared the incredible photos of the huge Lion’s Mane Jellyfish on the Irish beach over 1,000 times. One user wrote, “Reminds me of the patterns left by prehistoric sea creatures in Liscannor stone.”

Burren Shores – Beachcombing & more revealed that marine biologists recorded the largest species ever in Massachusetts almost 200 years ago.

They wrote, “First visit of the 2021 jellyfish season for the majestic Lion’s Mane Jellyfish (Cyanea capillata). One of the largest jellyfish species in the world.

“Apparently, the largest recorded specimen was found off the coast of Massachusetts in 1865. It had a bell with a diameter of 210 cm (7 ft) and tentacles around 36.6 m (120 ft) long.

The incredible Lion’s Mane Jellyfish washed up on the Irish beach last week.
Credit: Facebook / @Burrenshores

“They have a very severe sting that can produce blisters, irritation, and muscular cramp and could possibly affect respiratory and heart function.

“Fragments of tentacles may retain their stinging power, so best keep a good eye out! With a bit of care, it’s well worth having a closer look at these wonderful animals.”

So, if you’re visiting any Irish beaches this summer, keep an eye out for these incredible animals. But maybe don’t get too close!

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