Illuminate Festival lights up Derry City this February

The historic city of Derry comes to life this February with a fantastic music and light festival set to light up the dark winter nights.

Illuminate Festival lights up Derry City this February with a spectacular music and light festival running across two weeks.

Brightening up the dark winter nights, the two-week festival will see some of Derry’s most iconic buildings illuminated in a magical projection of light.

The festival takes place across two weekends, from 17 to 20 and 24 to 27 February. Visitors can expect an immersive experience featuring music, art, light, drama, and more.

Capturing 1000 years of history – bringing the story of Derry to life

Illuminate Festival map of Derry City.

Illuminate Festival aims to capture the story of Derry City and its history. Through a series of digital animations, music, and performances, visitors can find out all about the city’s 1000 year history.

Speaking to Derry Daily, Odhran Dunne of Visit Derry said, “Illuminate is a new festival that’s going to be an atmospheric spectacular featuring state-of-the-art projections which tell the unique story of Derry along a 1.5 km route.

“Adults and children will be transfixed by the live illumination experiences as the story unfolds on their walk around the 400-year-old walls. It’s an experience like no other this February and not to be missed.”

Illuminate Festival lights up Derry City this February – fun for all ages

Explore the light projections around the city.
Credit: Facebook / @whatsonderrystrabane

You can enjoy the spectacular light trail at your own pace. Covering six iconic locations throughout the historic Walled City, visitors will be in awe at the magical light projections lighting up the City Walls, the Guildhall, St Columb’s Cathedral, and more.

Alongside the magical light trail, a series of gigs will take place across the city. There will be performances from Kila, Neil Cowley, and The Henry Girls. Aoife Scott, ROE, Glen Rosborough, Maria Kelly, and many more will take over the city’s most intimate venues.

A city alive with culture and history, Illuminate Festival will showcase the best Derry has to offer.

An impressive display – months of work to create a spectacular experience

Illuminate Festival lights up Derry City this February.

Local lighting and visual experts at Visual Spectrum Studio created many of the visuals for the magical Illuminate Festival, lighting up Derry City this February.

The festival brings together the most cutting edge modern technology with the fascinating history of Derry City. Thus, they have ensured Iluminate Festival will be a spectacular display of past and present.

Visitors can learn some of the most important aspects of the city’s history in a refreshing, interactive way.

Learn of St Columba’s famous tales of healing the ill, subduing wild beasts, calming storms, and more. Or, find out all about the Siege of Derry in 1689. With something for everyone to enjoy, Illuminate Festival will educate, entertain, and provide a fun family day out.

You can find out more about this exciting festival coming to Derry, head to

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