How to make the most of travelling around Ireland: 10 tips

Thinking of travelling to Ireland? Here are 10 tips that we think will make your stay here the most memorable and unforgettable.

How to make the most of travelling around Ireland: 10 tips

Take it from us: travelling around Ireland, be it solo or in good company, will be a life-changing experience, and it is a journey we recommend to those all across the globe.

Like any country you visit, you will need to know a few things before you go to truly make the most of what the Emerald Isle has to offer during your stay.

For those of you thinking of making Ireland your next travel spot, here are ten tips we recommend you follow to make your time here the best it can be.

Tip 1: Bring enough money

Bring enough money when travelling around Ireland

First things first: money. Wherever you travel, you can only do so much on a budget. To truly experience the best of Ireland, make sure you bring a decent amount of money to fund your trip.

Irish cities can be expensive, and if you intend on travelling across the country, you’ll need plenty of funds to get you from A to B. (And note that the currency in the Republic of Ireland is the euro, while in Northern Ireland it is the British pound.)

Tip 2: Talk to the locals

Talk to locals when travelling around Ireland
Credit: Tourism NI

One of the best things about Ireland is the people. It is often said that they are among the best in the world, and we believe that to be true in every sense.

From the craic to the stories, from the kindness to the compassion, Irish people will leave an indelible mark on you, and you are sure to make friends along the way.

Tip 3: Read up on Irish history


To truly make the most of travelling around Ireland, read up on Irish history before making your journey here.

Read about the 1798 Rebellion, the 1916 Easter Rising, the War of Independence and the recent (but now past) conflict in the North to appreciate the times Ireland has come through.

Tip 4: Visit the country’s historical landmarks

Visit historical landmarks when travelling around Ireland

Building upon our last tip, visit the many historical landmarks that can be found in every town, city and village across the country.

While here, visit the GPO (in Dublin), Beal na Blath (in County Cork), the Giant’s Causeway (in County Antrim), and Belfast’s Peace Walls to put your knowledge to the test and learn first-hand what happened over the years.

Tip 5: Come with no prejudices

Carry no prejudices when travelling around Ireland

One of the best ways to enjoy your travels in Ireland is to come with no pre-held prejudices or to let stereotypes blind you to reality.

Come with an open mind and just roll with the times as you journey through Ireland’s bustling city streets, high-speed motorways and country roads.

Tip 6: Spend a few days in Dublin

Spend time in Dublin when travelling around Ireland

The Irish capital is one of Europe’s finest cities, and no trip to Ireland is complete without spending a few days in Dublin.

Shop in Henry Street and Grafton Street, walk through St Stephen’s Green, or spend the night away in the Temple Bar area.

Tip 7: Go to a GAA game

GAA games are a great way to immerse yourself in Irish sports

Another way to make the most of your travels through Ireland is to go to GAA game anywhere across the country.

Gaelic football and hurling are Ireland’s native sports. Both sports are enthralling, and you’ll be left wondering how the athletes are amateurs and not professional sportsmen.

Tip 8: Pack for all types of weather!

Pack for all types of whether when visiting the Emerald Isle

One thing all Irish locals can tell you is that the weather is at times unpredictable, but more often than not it’s cold and wet.

Don’t make the rookie mistake of underpacking; no-one wants to be left standing in Irish rain in a pair of shorts or a T-shirt! Wearing layers is key.

Tip 9: Visit the towns and not just the cities

Check out towns such as Cobh when visiting the Emerald Isle

It’s easy to visit a country just for the cities, and Ireland is no different when it can offer Dublin, Cork, Galway, Belfast and Derry.

However, a lot of what is great about Ireland lies in its county towns. When here, make sure to stop at Letterkenny, Killarney, Cobh, Ballycastle, Kilkenny and Sligo amongst a range of other places.

Tip 10: See the country’s stunning natural beauty

Check out the country's natural beauty, such as the Cliffs of Moher

Last but not least, in order to fully appreciate the magnificence of this country, you have an obligation to visit as many natural wonders as you can whilst here.

See the Cliffs of Moher, Mount Errigal, Croagh Patrick, the Skellig Islands, the Ring of Kerry, the Ring of Gullion, and the Mourne Mountains, and you will not be left disappointed with your travels to the Emerald Isle.

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