Cork Hotel Manager gives EPIC Response to a Review that Likens His Hotel To Chernobyl

The Cork Hotel manager gave a savage response to the bad review.

Oftentimes we citizens of humanity take to the internet to explore fellow users’ reviews of restaurants, hotels and so on.

And, while we wonder “who on Earth has the time to be posting these intricate reviews?” we are secretly thankful they have done so, as we use them as navigational tools when planning ahead.

With functions to view ratings based on given-stars, it can be sometimes a bit of fun to turn on the “one-star only” reviews.

All we can say is that some people clearly have too much time on their hands.

In turn though, they offer some serious entertainment while venting out their exaggerated and often melodramatic woes to faceless Internet platforms.

Now, most of these reviews garner no attention, but once in a blue moon, we’re lucky enough to have a witty representative or manager from the business in question who is willing to give their two cents on the poor review.

Recently, a Doolin Hotel manager’s response to a cantankerous customer went viral and today we have another one that’s making a comeback after its original Internet stint back in 2014.

Check out the user’s one-star review below and attempt to not throw your eyes to heaven as he likens the Silver Springs Moran Hotel in Cork to that of Chernobyl:

“Looks like a building from Chernobyl on the outside”

“And it doesn’t get much better on the inside.

The last time this place was decorated, a former Hollywood actor was president of the USA. I got “upgraded” to a “room with a bath”. It was exciting, at least judging by the demeanour of the receptionist.

It was a bath. An ordinary bath, except for the fact that it didn’t drain. I could see the wood through the faded and scraped away paint on the doors.

No air conditioning – other than a window overlooking the busiest road in Cork. The elevators are those ancient 2 person cubicles that take an eternity to move/summon.

And the service at breakfast is horrendous – I asked for coffee with my breakfast. I ate. The same person cleared a table beside me. They served 2 tables opposite me. I finished. I left minus coffee.

Don’t consider this place for business. The internet connection is very weak. I ended up using my phone’s hotspot.”

A screenshot of the original review:

Luckily, the hotel’s quick-witted manager decided to face-up to the criticism publically with his response, which ended up garnering tremendous attention:

“It is with regret I read your review posted on 27th of February.

First and foremost I am disappointed that you did not enjoy your stay as here at the SilverSprings Moran Hotel the principle of customer care to our valued guests and the enjoyment of their stay is priority at all times.

I understand when speaking to a member of our front desk tea you did not wish to speak to a member of the management team due to the fact that you stated ‘most of the time they cause the problems’.

I am sorry you felt like this as I myself personally would have liked if you took the time to speak with me so I could address your issues with you in person and made an effort to resolve same.

Unfortunately when a review starts by comparing the hotel to one of the greatest man made disasters and loss of innocent life of the twentieth century I am unsure as to how my efforts to find a resolution would have proceeded.”

After a sharp response to the absurd comparison between the Cork hotel and Chernobyl, the manager then goes on to quash any relevance to the guest’s US presidency remark:

“To suggest that the hotel has not been refurbished or redecorated since Ronald Reagan’s US presidency (1981-1989) is simply untrue.

The hotel was purchased by the Moran Hotel Group in April 2000 and has gone through significant refurbishments since then.

By the very fact you stayed on February 26th when they are just finishing the full refurbishment of each ensuite of each room, it is quite obvious that the owners are providing serious investment in their property and have done so since the original purchase.”

After tending to the poor review, commenting on each and every criticism with needle-sharp clarity, he finishes his response with a final remark, laden with sarcasm, the pure foundation of Irish humour:

“Lastly I am unsure if there was an issue with the person on the Front desk’s demeanour be it that she was too upbeat checking you in or the opposite.

Reading your review it appears she may have been too exuberant for your liking and I apologise if you found this to be an issue.”

Note: the Silver Springs Moran Hotel is now under new ownership and is operating as the Clayton Hotel Silver Springs.

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