Hotel developer says Belfast Cathedral Quarter should rival Temple Bar

The developer behind the new multi-million Moxy Hotel has said he hopes that Belfast Cathedral Quarter will be the city’s answer to Temple Bar.

Hotel developer behind the new Moxy Hotel in Belfast says the city’s Cathedral Quarter should rival Dublin’s Temple Bar. The Dublin vs Belfast comparison is ongoing, however, Belfast is a fantastic city.

Home to some of the city’s most iconic bars, including The Duke of York and the Harp Bar, the Quarter is a popular nightlife destination among both tourists and locals.

The arrival of the new Moxy by Marriott hotel will be the first of its kind in the north of Ireland. It is hoped the hotel will bring an influx of tourism to the already thriving area.

A buzzing nightlife destination ‒ a hub of culture and craic

Belfast Cathedral Quarter to become city's answer to Temple Bar.
Credit: Tourism Northern Ireland

Moxy is a popular global hotel chain with destinations in Dublin, marketed towards a younger audience. Promoted as ‘playful, affordable, and stylish’ city centre venues, the hotels prove popular in cities such as Dublin, New York, and Manchester.

County Antrim man Dave Marshall is a co-founder of the Essex-based investment and development firm Propiteer. His company is behind the new £20 million Moxy Hotel in Belfast.

Speaking about the plans, he revealed his hopes that Belfast Cathedral Quarter will rival Dublin’s Temple Bar as a top tourist destination.

Securing planning permission – exciting things to come for the city

The new Moxy Hotel will be the first of its kind in the north of Ireland.
Credit: Facebook / @MoxyDublin

As Belfast raises its profile as a desirable tourist destination, it is hoped the new hotel will welcome a wave of young visitors to the city centre.

Last week, Propiteer secured planning permission for the new Moxy Hotel. The hotel is planned to take over the former Nambarrie Tea building beside the Merchant Hotel.

The hotel will include 164 comfortable bedrooms, and work is planned to begin by the end of 2022. The estimated cost of the development comes in at £20 million. Meanwhile, the build phase could last up to two years.

Cathedral Quarter is Belfast’s answer to Temple Bar – an Irish cultural destination

Belfast Cathedral Quarter to be Belfast's answer to Temple Bar.
Credit: Tourism Ireland

The Temple Bar area is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Dublin, welcoming throngs of tourists to the city every year.

Playing on Ireland’s iconic pub culture, many know the area for its lively atmosphere and traditional feel. Now, more and more tourists make the trip to Northern Ireland. So, Mr Marshall hopes the Cathedral Quarter could become a rival to Dublin’s Temple Bar.

Propiteer currently has six hotels under development across the UK and Ireland. The company boasts an impressive portfolio that is estimated at around £800 million.

Bringing business home ‒ a project close to his heart

The County Antrim man wants to bring business home.
Credit: Facebook / @MoxyDublin

Marshall spoke to The Irish News about his plans for the city. He said, “The goal is to achieve 30 hotels within the next ten years.”. However, he explained that the Belfast project is most important to him on a personal level.

He explained, “This project is particularly important to me on a personal level because I’m originally from Belfast myself. And from the point of view of giving back to the city and helping it become what it should have always become.

“Dublin is very, very heavy on price; in today’s world, with rising prices, people will want to travel more inside their own geographic locations.

“This is Belfast’s opportunity to take the lead. There is so much to do in Belfast. With the price advantage we have today, we really should be doing our best to capitalise on that.”

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