Historic building in Belfast city centre to be transformed

Its faded history is to get a makeover, with the historic building set to be transformed.

Historic building in Belfast city centre to be transformed.

As the years go by, we’re a society that’s embracing the new, sleek, and modern. Only a few historic buildings in Belfast remain, and slowly we are seeing these beautiful, abandoned buildings transformed.

Developers are transforming a famous historic building in Belfast City Centre. The Castle Buildings on Castle Place is soon set to become luxury accommodation apartments.

Read on to find out all we know so far about this exciting project.

Historic beauty – a well-recognised building

Thie historic building is soon to be transformed.
Credit: wikimedia.commons.org

The grandeur of the four-story Castle Buildings is well-known around the city. You can find its beauty in the ornate detailing, being one of the city’s finest examples of Art Nouveau architecture.

However, this historical retail building is soon to be transformed. Let’s take a moment to look back on this building’s incredible history.

A lost past – the history of Castle Buildings on Castle Place

Credit: geograph.ie

The Castle Buildings on Castle Place are one of the few remaining buildings in the city centre that give a snapshot into history. The iconic tiling and weathered brick are reflective of the Victorian era, transporting us back in time.

It was built in 1905, and later extended in 1907, for C. Mullagh and Co. as a silk mercer and milliners store. Today, his name proudly remains on the building.

Later, the Castle Buildings were a Mothercare store, providing goods to parents throughout the city. Now, developers plan to turn The Castle Buildings on Castle Place into luxury apartments.

Revamping the city – major construction plans around Belfast  

A former BHS store is set to become one of Belfast’s must-visit destinations, roof-top bar included.
Credit: Flickr / William Murphy

It seems that the Castle Buildings aren’t the only major site facing renovation in Belfast. Recently, developers prepped a former BHS store for glory.

It will soon include various retail and leisure facilities, setting it to become one of Belfast’s must-visit destinations, roof-top bar included.

There has also been much buzz around Belfast with the closure of Debenhams, found in Castlecourt. However, locals have embraced this closure, with plans for the space to become another major leisure destination for locals and tourists alike.

Getting to work – contractors involved in transforming the historic building

DCM Contracts are set to transform the historic site.
Credit: flickr.com / Reading Tom

Based in Banbridge, construction company DCM Contracts are preparing to transform the listed building.

They posted on Facebook, “DCM Contracts is delighted to be involved in the transformation of this beautiful listed building in the heart of Belfast City, into luxury apartments.

“We are onsite one month now and getting to know this old building…. and the parking wardens very well!!”

Meanwhile, they have not revealed when the Castle Buildings project will finish. As well as this, they have not yet released information on when the apartments will become available to rent or buy. One thing we do know is that change is coming.

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