Hikers rescue injured dog stranded in the Wicklow Mountains for two weeks

Two hikers rescue an injured golden retriever who had been stranded in the snowy Wicklow Mountains for two weeks.

Two doctors Ciara Nolan and Jean Francois Bonnet were out hiking in the snowy Wicklow Mountains when they came across a golden retriever looked scared and tired.

So the hikers decided to rescue the injured dog who had been stranded in the Wicklow Mountains for two weeks.

A video of the hikers rescuing 8-year-old golden retriever Neesha has gone viral accumulating almost 1.5 mil views on TikTok so far.

A rescue mission – bringing Neesha home to safety

Hikers rescue injured dog stranded in the Wicklow Mountains.
Credit: Screenshot from Tiktok / @jeanfrancoiswillem

In the video, we see the hikers in the Wicklow Mountains giving Neesha a coat to wear saying, “she was so cold, she couldn’t move”, before carrying her on their backs down the mountain.

The hikers brought Neesha home and warmed her up and even got her reunited with her family!

Speaking with the Wicklow radio station East Coast FM on 8 February, Bonnet said: “It was a very bad day. It was cold, snowy, windy, and the visibility wasn’t great.

“We were almost at the top when my girlfriend Ciara screamed, ‘There is a dog! There is a dog!’

“We tried to get her to walk; she couldn’t stand. So we covered her in our spare clothes, we gave her some food.

“Ciara put her on my back, and we started going down the mountain, but it was very icy and rocky, so we fell a few times. Ciara came up with a good idea – she strapped her to my backpack. She used her scarf to make a little nest for her.”

Reunited with family – Neesha had been missing for two weeks

Hikers rescue injured dog stranded in the Wicklow Mountains.
Credit: Screenshot from Tiktok / @jeanfrancoiswillem

Ciara and Jean Francois carried Neesha 10 km (6.4 miles) home to safety and contacted Ash Animal Rescue, which stated, “Everybody agrees that a heartwarming story like this is just what the doctor ordered.”

Neesha’s owner Erina explained that the family had headed to Lugnaquilla in County Wicklow on 23 January to enjoy the snow bringing Neesha and their other dog, a German Shepherd named Harley.

The two dogs “were let off the lead so they could have a bit of freedom and roll around in the snow and go and explore.”

While they were there, a deer appeared and startled the two dogs who bolted. They came across Harley, but Neesha was nowhere to be found.

Erina expressed her gratitude to Ciara and Jean Francois for bringing Neesha home after the hikers rescue the injured dog stranded in the Wicklow Mountains.

She said, “We were so, so relieved and happy. We have no words to thank them both for what they did to bring her back home.

“They are just absolutely amazing and unbelievable. We just can’t thank them enough.”

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