5 helpful apps to have when travelling around Ireland

If you are reading this review, then you are probably interested in our top list of applications that should be on your phone if you are in Ireland.

5 helpful apps to have when travelling around Ireland.

We are sure that after getting the information we have, you will know how you can use your phone to the maximum while travelling around Ireland.

Our team of experts has prepared a shortlist with a brief description of 100% working options that can help you to get anywhere you want in the shortest possible time.

From journey planners to free website blockers that will keep you safe from distractions on your journey and more.

Order delicious food, play your favourite casino games, drive around the country, and enjoy your experience in Ireland.

Apps to enhance your travelling experience in Ireland

Like any country, Ireland has its peculiarities that must be taken into account, regardless of whether it is your business trip or a vacation.

Knowing this, we analysed (both on our own and based on user reviews) a lot of applications and chose the top five, which you can check below.

5. National Journey Planner – to help you navigate

National Journey Planner is one of the helpful apps to have when travelling around Ireland.
Credit: commons.wikimedia.org

If you are planning a trip or have planned a trip before, then you have probably faced problems related to transport.

Every one of us knows how difficult it can be to find relevant information about the route when you have to go through a bunch of sites with outdated information.

Believe us, Ireland is no different in this regard from other countries, and when planning your route, you may also experience problems in choosing a route and type of transport.

With the help of the National Journey Planner, you can create a route of any complexity in a matter of minutes without worrying about the relevance of the data. In addition, you can fine-tune the time and type of transport you want to use.

4. Deliveroo – when hunger strikes

Deliveroo is great when hunger strikes.
Credit: Flickr/ TaylorHerring

Often, when travelling, it is more convenient for you to order food in your room and not look for a suitable cafe or restaurant, especially if you are limited in time.

With the help of Deliveroo, which is available for both Android and iOS, you can order delicious dishes from almost any restaurant or cafe.

A professional customer support team is always ready to help you, and the driver will never be late, leaving you hungry.

To get started, you must get the official app from AppStore or Google Play, register an account, and add your payment details. After that, you can select from the list of available cafes or restaurants and indicate the point where you want to deliver the order.

3. GamStop – try your luck

GamStop is one of the helpful apps to have when travelling around Ireland.
Credit: Pixabay / AidanHowe

Ireland is a country that offers you a wide choice of not only top casino operators with mind-blowing games but also many bookmakers where you can bet on your favourite team.

Even if you are not a high roller, it can be very difficult to resist the desire to register at one of the NonStop casinos and try your luck on top slots or predict the outcome of your favourite team game.

We recommend using the GamStop app, which will protect you from any negative consequences of gambling and betting.

2. Official GAA App – for the latest sports news

For the latest sports news.
Credit: commons.wikimedia.org

If you are a fan of Gaelic football and hurling, then the GAA App is what you need, especially when travelling around Ireland.

Using this application, you can follow the latest sports news, get the results of matches involving your favourite team, check tables and standings in a few clicks, and more.

The application has a handy and intuitive interface, so you will master it in a couple of minutes. Plus, it is fully responsive and available on both iOS and Android.

1. Uber – to get around town

Uber is one of the helpful apps to have when travelling around Ireland.
Credit: pexels/ Jackson David

If you decide to go exploring in an Irish city you have not been to before; Uber is the best option you should use to get around.

This brand is the world leader in the taxi service industry and is famous for its excellent reputation and reasonable prices.

All you need is to install a convenient application on your phone, set up a payment option, and plan a route from A to B. The app will select one of its drivers who will take you to the places you need in the shortest time possible.

Conclusion – helpful apps to have when travelling around Ireland

In this review, we have collected the most proven and popular apps, with the help of which you can easily find the best bar tucked away on the outskirts of Dublin.

You can also have a fun time exploring Ireland’s hidden gems, delicious meals, bet on your favourite team, and have a good time overall.

We tried to pay attention only to those applications with which you will not have problems even in case of force majeure, as they are exclusively client-oriented and have excellent customer support service.

Moreover, all of the applications listed above are available on all devices with iOS or Android onboard.

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