10 HAUNTED HOTELS in Ireland you can stay in (2024)

Ireland is home to some of the scariest and most unsettling ghost stories you’ll ever hear, some of which originate and remain in hotels scattered around the country.

Top 10 haunted hotels in Ireland you can stay in (if you’re mad).

If you’re a fan of Ireland’s haunted history, then a night in a haunted hotel might be the recipe for a night well spent. As such, we’ve got just the list for you.

From poltergeist activity to ghostly guests, let’s take a look at the top ten haunted hotels in Ireland that you can actually stay in…if you dare.

Ireland Before You Die’s fun facts about haunted Ireland:

  • Thanks to Ireland’s tormented past, it is considered one of the most haunted countries in the world.
  • Donegal’s Lough Derg is considered to be the gateway to the ‘Otherworld’. There have been many supernatural occurrences here.
  • There are terrifyingly haunted locations all over Ireland, most of which you can visit…if you dare.
  • Halloween, or Samhain, was born in Ireland, so it’s no wonder the country has such links with paranormal activity.
  • Banshees, Lady Isabelle Shaw, and the Hellfire Club ghosts are just some of the most famous ghouls to haunt Ireland’s roads.

10. Cabra Castle, Co. Cavana four-star hotel with a spooky history

Cabra Castle is one of the haunted hotels in Ireland you can stay in if you're mad.
Credit: Facebook/ @CabraCastleIreland

Cabra Castle is certainly one of the most haunted hotels in Ireland that you can actually stay in (if you’re mad).

One notable resident ghost is an old servant girl called Sarah, who fell pregnant by the son of the castle’s owners.

Furious about the secret love affair, the family order to have Sarah killed. Legend has it she was taken from her quarters in the middle of the night to a forest, where her body was thrown over a bridge.

Guests today say they can still hear the haunting screams of a baby in the night. This is one of the most unusual places you can stay in Ireland that’s totally worth it.

Address: Carrickmacross Road, Cormey, Kingscourt, Co. Cavan, A82 YT66, Ireland

9. Ballyseede Castle, Co. Kerryfor even the bravest paranormal investigators

For even the bravest paranormal seekers.
Credit: Facebook/ Ballyseede Castle Hotel

Ballyseede Castle in County Kerry is no stranger to paranormal activity, as many guests have seen and heard spooky occurrences for centuries.

This hotel remained in the Blennerhassett family from 1721 until Hilda Blennerhassett’s death in 1965. Today’s guests see Hilda Blennerhassett roaming the halls of the upper floors of the castle and the main staircase.

As quick as you’ve spotted her, though, it’s like she was never there at all.

Address: Tralee, Ballyseede, Tralee, Co. Kerry, Ireland

8. Kinnitty Castle, Co. Offalyan unlikely ghost

Kinnitty Castle is one of the haunted hotels in Ireland you can stay in if you're mad.
Credit: Facebook/ Kinnitty Castle Hotel

Kinnitty Castle has had a long reputation for being home to numerous phantoms and ghosts, the most famous of which was the Phantom Monk of Kinnitty.

While many ghosts are seen as translucent and fleeting, those who have seen the Monk of Kinnitty with their own eyes have seen him in his solid form, conversing with staff and visitors.

The two haunted rooms at the hotel are the Geraldine room and the Elizabeth room.

Address: Birr, Kinnitty, Co. Offaly, Ireland

7. Castle Leslie Estate, Co. Monaghanwould you stay in the Mauve bedroom?

Would you stay in the Mauve room?
Credit: Facebook/ Castle Leslie Estate

Norman Leslie is one of the most reported ghosts at Castle Leslie Estate, a man who died during the war in 1914.

Other hauntings include the monk and the ghostly figure of Lady Constance, who is said to haunt the Mauve bedroom.

Address: Castle Leslie Estate, Glaslough, Co. Monaghan, Ireland

6. Ballygally Castle Hotel, Co. Antrimold owners’ spirits haunt these grounds

Ballygally Castle is one of the haunted hotels in Ireland you can stay in if you're mad.
Credit: Facebook/ Ballygally Castle Hotel

Perched atop the famous Causeway Coastal Route, Ballygally Castle Hotel is one of the most haunted hotels in Ireland you can stay in, as it is haunted by its previous owners Lord James Shaw and his wife, Lady Isabella Shaw.

Lady Isabella’s fate is one that is highly contested. Some say she was locked in a tower because she couldn’t provide a male heir for Lord James Shaw, while others say she was pushed.

Whatever her unfortunate circumstances, she makes sure to make her presence known around the castle to this day.

Address: Coast Rd, Ballygalley, Larne BT40 2QZ

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5. Ross Castle, Co. Meathsparked by karma

Sparked by karma.
Credit: Facebook/ Ross Castle, Ross, County Meath, Ireland

Ross Castle is a historic accommodation on the shores of Lough Sheelin in County Meath. The ghostly history of this place starts back in 1536, with Richard Nugent, the 12th Lord of Delvin, known as the Black Baron.

The Baron was a ruthless man who caused the death of certain people who didn’t deserve it.

The ghost that haunts Ross Castle is Sabina, the daughter of Richard Nugent, who locked herself in a tower and died after her lover drowned in a boat accident from which she survived. Sabina’s fate was said to be karma for her father’s ill deeds.

Address: Ross Castle, Ross, Co. Meath, A82 HF89, Ireland

4. Blackwater Castle, Co. Corka bloody history has led to haunting

Blackwater Castle is one of the haunted hotels in Ireland you can stay in if you're mad.
Credit: Facebook/ Blackwater Castle

The ghosts of Blackwater Castle are aplenty and date back to around the year 1650. The Roche family occupied the castle for nearly 500 years, and in 1650, Lady Ellen Roche had to defend the castle against Oliver Cromwell’s forces.

After valiant efforts, her six commanding officers were overrun and subsequently killed.

The men were killed instantly, while Lady Roche was hanged two years later for a crime she did not commit. It is said that she roams the grounds of the castle dressed in a hooded cloak.

Address: Connaberry, Castletownroche, Co. Cork, Ireland

3. Markree Castle, Co. Sligoa sneaky little ghost girl

A sneaky little ghost girl.
Credit: Facebook/ Markree Castle

The figure that haunts Markree Castle in County Sligo is a little girl whom staff and guests now refer to as Pippa. Pippa is not a harmful or scary ghost, but she does like to play tricks, having locked guests in their rooms before.

Address: Clooneenroe, Collooney, Co. Sligo, F91 AE81, Ireland

2. Wilton Castle, Co. Wexfordseveral scary figures

Wilton Castle is one of the haunted hotels in Ireland you can stay in if you're mad.
Credit: Facebook/ Wilton Castle

Harry Alcock is the man known to haunt the grounds of Wilton Castle in Enniscorthy. He died in the 19th century, and at a certain time, locals would gather each year to catch a glimpse.

As well as catching sight of Harry Alcock at Wilton Castle, the ghost of an old actress is also said to light up the castle tower.

Address: Wilton Castle, Wilton, Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford, Y21 V9P9, Ireland

1. The Maldron Hotel Shandon, Co. Corkone of County Cork’s most haunted hotels

One of Cork's most haunted hotels.
Credit: Facebook/ Maldron Hotel Shandon Cork City

The most well-known figure to haunt The Maldron Hotel in County Cork is said to be a woman who died many years ago during childbirth.

This is because this spooky hotel served as a hospital for over 250 years, with spirits roaming in every room. Apparently, the most active space appears to be between rooms 318 and 319.

Address: 11 John Redmond St, Shandon, Cork, T23 A9TF, Ireland

Other notable mentions

Leap Castle is worth a mention.
Credit: commons.wikimedia.org

Dobbins Inn, County Antrim: Just a stone’s throw from Carrickfergus Castle, the spirit of a woman called Elizabeth, also known as Maud, is said to haunt the rooms and corridors of the inn.

The Shelbourne Hotel, Dublin: This five-star luxury hotel boasts over 200 years of Irish history, including the life and death of Mary Master. Guests have heard mournful cries in the middle of the night as well as feeling Mary at the foot of their beds.

Leap Castle, County Offaly: This castle has a haunting past that has led to its haunted present, as numerous people were imprisoned and executed here. However, while you can’t actually stay here, we thought its terrifying history was worth a mention.

While many entries on our list depict ghostly men and women, the creature that haunts Leap Castle is anything but human and is referred to as ‘It’.

When ‘It’ comes around, with its small stature and decaying face, it is said to be accompanied by the smell of sulphur or a decaying corpse.

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Your questions answered about haunted hotels in Ireland

If you still have questions, we have you covered! In this section, we’ve compiled some of our readers’ most frequently asked questions and popular questions that have been asked online about this topic.

Your questions answered about Ireland's haunted hotels.
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Why are buildings believed to be haunted?

The history and context of a building can have a really big impact on the building itself as time goes on. If someone has died or been killed in a certain place, it is said that is where their souls will remain long after they die.

What are the most haunted hotels in Ireland?

The top ten list above showcases the most haunted hotels in Ireland.

Can you stay in a haunted Airbnb in Ireland?

Ross Castle can be rented on Airbnb for a private spooky experience.

If you liked this article, check out our article on haunted castles in Ireland you can actually stay in.

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