GAA player shows how to train on a flooded pitch (WATCH)

A County Kerry GAA player has shared a video teaching you how to train on a pitch flooded with high enough water to swim.

A County Kerry GAA player has shared a hilarious video showing you how to train on a flooded pitch.

The video, which has since gone viral after being shared on social media, shows GAA player Damien Switzer continuing to train as the water on the pitch is flooded past his waist.

His message? To make it in the sport, you can’t let anything stop you.

See below to watch the hilarious video of the County Kerry GAA player teaching you how to train on a flooded pitch.

Don’t let anything stop your training – not even a flood

GAA player shows you how to train on a  flooded pitch.
Credit: Tiktok / @damienswitzer

We Irish are used to the rain; after all, Ireland is recognised as one of the wettest countries in Europe, getting on average 151 days of rain a year.

No matter the weather, we tend to get on with things. But Switzer has taken this Irish mentality to the extreme, saying, to make it in County Kerry GAA, you better show up no matter the weather.

Kitted up in his full GAA gear wearing shorts, his county jersey, and gloves, with a football in hand, this dedicated player shows us how it’s done.

He declares, “If you want to play football down in Kerry, you better show up to training no matter what the weather is.”

A dedicated player – train no matter the weather

GAA player shows you how to train on a  flooded pitch.
Credit: Tiktok / @damienswitzer

Chasing the ball down the flooded pitch before diving in after it, Switzer says, “You’ve got to be hungry for that ball to make sure you beat your opponent to it every time.”

His humour doesn’t end there. Making sure his hair is in place, he says, “There’s usually a photographer at the game, so you can slick back your hair to look well for a photo, so you can post it on Facebook afterwards.”

Using the goal to practice his pull-ups and work on his “strength and conditioning”, Switzer says it’s important to be strong to make it with Kerry GAA.

The video of the dedicated GAA player showing you how to train on a flooded pitch has since gone viral with over 600,000 views, and comments have flooded in showing support for the young man’s love of the sport.

One person quipped, “Bro, who are you playing against? Fish?”

Another commented, “That match was close, but we all knew the crocodiles didn’t stand a chance.”

Reflecting on the dedication of Kerry’s GAA players, one commenter said, “Nothing will stop a Kerry man from playing football.”

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