Fun new Derry Girls tour experience launched by Derry hotel

Fans of Derry Girls can become part of the ultimate Derry Girls experience as a hotel in Northern Ireland has launched a unique tour package.

The Hastings Everglades Hotel in County Down launched a new tour package experience where fans of Derry Girls can unleash their inner Michelle. This experience, based on Channel 4’s smash hit TV show, allows fans to follow in the footsteps of the five Derry Girls.

Discover the history of Derry through a Derry Girls tour

The Derry Girls tour takes you to see the mural painted on the Derry streets.
Credit: @davidmcminn_singer / Instagram

As part of this unique experience, visitors on the Derry Girls tour go on a guided tour of the city of Derry, walking in the footsteps of a true Derry girl around the city’s walls and stopping to take note of the key locations from the series.

An expert local guide will lead you around Derry while talking about life during The Troubles. The tour stops at Free Derry Corner, the Guildhall (an iconic moment at the end of season 2), and of course, Dennis’ wee shop.

The Derry Girls mural is the final stop on the tour where guests can take a selfie and be pledged as a Derry girl.

“The history of this fantastic series will leave you with a full understanding of how ‘being a Derry girl is a state of mind’”, according to the hotel’s website.

Derry Girls Afternoon Tea

The Derry Girls tour includes afternoon tea, complete with chips and sausage roll baps.

The menu is inspired by the show and features some of the iconic treats. Try Grandpa Joe’s cream horn; a puff pastry with a whipped cream filling, or a cone of chips so good you will wish you’d listened to Grandpa Joe’s advice and ordered some more.

The infamous sausage roll baps, a Derry delicacy, feature heavily during the afternoon tea, alongside the classic Tayto cheese and onion crisp sandwich (on white bread, of course!). As no afternoon tea would be complete without a cocktail, there is one included in the package.

A Michelle souvenir duck

A Michelle souvenir duck is included as part of the Derry Girls tour, memorabilia you have to keep.

Hastings Hotels are famous for their iconic rubber ducks which are given to guests as a memento of their stay. As part of the Derry Girls experience, they have launched a Derry Girls duck, modelled on the fiery Michelle.

The lobby is home to a large fibreglass duck designed by Chris Suitor. The duck dons a Derry Girls uniform, curly brown hair, and hooped earrings, just like Michelle!

“The duck has been central to Hastings Hotels for almost 30 years and are given to guests when they stay at any of Hastings Group’s seven hotels,” said Julie Hastings, Marketing Director of Hastings Hotels. A small Michelle rubber duck is given to take home with you to remember the experience by.

The Derry Girls Tour Package

The Derry Girls are making waves in the television world, especially with this tour package.

Prices for the Derry Girls Tour Package start at €115 per person sharing, which includes an overnight stay at the Everglades Hotel, Derry Girls Afternoon Tea, and the guided walking tour. This package is also available without the walking tour for just €96 per person.

You can experience the Derry Girls Afternoon Tea for just €36, which includes the Derry Girls Duck!

The Hastings Hotel group has been voted Ireland’s best luxury hotel group for the past two years, so there is no doubt you will have a fantastic experience at the Derry Girls tour and experience.

Booking details can be found here.

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