Dublin named one of the friendliest cities in Europe

New research has shown Dublin as one of the friendliest cities in Europe.

Dublin named one of the friendliest cities in Europe.

Travel experts at Bounce have ranked popular travel destinations across Europe to determine which cities offer the friendliest welcome to visitors.

Considering factors like happiness score, crime rates, and LGBTQ+ acceptance, Dublin ranked as the 10th friendliest city on the list.

So, if you’re planning a European summer, consider these factors to see which cities will give you the warmest welcome when you visit.

Dublin named one of the friendliest cities in Europe – a city with a great happiness index

Dublin came out with a great happiness index.
Credit: commons.wikimedia.org

New research has revealed which European cities are the friendliest, and the Irish capital has ranked in 10th place with an overall score of 5.87/10.

However, Dublin scored better for some factors over others. For starters, Dublin had one of the top scores for LGBTQ+ friendliness, as well as an overall score of 7.1/10 for a happiness rating, which was the fifth-highest score in this category.

What brought Dublin’s score down immensely was the crime and safety index. In this category, the lower the number, the better, and Dublin received a total score of 52/100.

Furthermore, the pickpocketing fear came in at 48%, the highest percentage out of the top ten cities.

Still, when considering a huge number of popular cities across the continent, the 10th friendliest city is still a great indicator of the warm welcome people receive when visiting Dublin.

The friendliest cities – the top three

The top three friendliest cities in Europe.
Credit: commonswikimedia.org

Taking the top spot on the list of the friendliest cities in Europe is Zurich, Switzerland, with an overall score of 9.89/10.

Zurich received the highest score of all for happiness, drawing with Copenhagen with a score of 7.5/10. The city also received a high score for LGBTQ+ friendliness, a low threat of pickpocketing, and a low score for crime and safety.

Copenhagen ranked as the second-friendliest city in Europe with an overall score of 8.59/10.

With a high score for LGBTQ+ acceptance and a crime and safety index of just 26/100, it’s safe to say you’re guaranteed a warm welcome when visiting Stockholm.

The third friendliest city in Europe is Munich. Munich came out with the lowest safety index at 19/100, as well as a 15% pickpocketing fear, one of the lowest percentages on the list.

The top ten – the friendliest cities in Europe

The top ten on the list.
Credit: commonswikimedia.org

The top ten friendliest cities in Europe list is then rounded out with Amsterdam in 4th place, Vienna in 5th place, Stockholm in 6th place, Berlin in 7th place, Edinburgh in 8th place, Prague in 9th place, and, of course, Dublin in 10th place.

So, if you’re thinking of taking a trip to Europe this summer, why not consider one of the friendliest cities in Europe?

The cities on this list ranked ahead of the likes of London, Madrid, Frankfurt, and more. You can check out the full research data here.

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