Best Burgers In Galway: 5 Delicious Buns You Need To Try

Galway is the perfect destination for a weekend away with its huge array of pubs and nightclubs and a friendly and inviting atmosphere at any time of the year. As well as this Galway City is home to some of the best restaurants in the country from hearty pub grub to the more expensive fine-dining experience Galway has it all. One thing most people will agree on is that you can’t beat a good burger! Whether you are a fan of the classic beef burger or prefer the vegetarian option everyone loves a burger of some sort. Galway City is absolutely full of options when it comes to finding a good burger and although it is difficult to narrow them down we have selected the top five places in Galway where you will find the best burgers.

5. Massimo Bar

Massimo is located on William Street in Galway’s West End. Massimo has become well known for their burgers which range from beef and chicken to the very famous pulled pork burger and the halloumi vegetarian burger which puts an interesting twist on the typical veggie burger. The food has become so popular that Massimo’s has recently been refurbished to create more dining space for customers. Food is served every day from 12 so pair the famous pork and chorizo burger with one of Massimo’s unique craft beers and you’re good to go!

Address10 William St W, Galway, H91 C2X3, Ireland

4. The BurgerStory

Instagram: fifisfoodblogdublin

The BurgerStory is located on Quay Lane in the Latin Quarter in the City Centre and as the name suggests they specialize in burgers. The BurgerStory started out selling burgers at festivals and food markets and their burgers were so well received and in such high demand, they were quickly able to open their own place in the heart of Galway City. Well known for using local produce in all their meals the quality of the burgers is second to none! “The Damnation Burger” is one of the most popular choices and includes locally sourced black pudding. If this isn’t your cup of tea there are plenty of other delicious burger options on their menu coupled with fries and American style milkshakes.

Address1 Quay Ln, Latin Quarter, Galway, Ireland

3. Chili Shack

Instagram: thechilishackgalway

Considering how popular the Chili Shack is with the people of Galway, you probably wouldn’t suspect that it started out as a food service traveling around to different festivals and outdoor events set up by two best friends with the intention of bringing great chili to Ireland. Now it is located on Abbey Street in the heart of the city centre and with the wonderful atmosphere and enthusiastic staff, the place is always full! Even though chili was the main focus the chili shack is well known for their great tasting burgers. They have a wide range of burgers including beef, cheese, chili, chicken and mushroom burgers so the choice is always tough! The burgers are really reasonably priced for the size and quality so if you fancy a really good burger for a great price the Chili Shack is the place to be.

Address19 Abbeygate Street Upper, Galway, Ireland

2. Handsome Burger

Handsome burger serves food from Caribou craft beer bar which is located in Woodkey in the city. Caribou itself is a quirky bar with a great atmosphere. There are board games to keep everyone occupied and a delicious range of craft beer. Handsome Burger serves food all day and into the night which pairs perfectly with a craft beer. They have a large burger menu including beef, chicken and the popular spinach and chickpea bhaji burger. The burgers are also reasonably priced for the size and quality and are highly popular in Galway. The handsome burger started out with 2 best friends buying a grill and touring food markets and festivals and is now well known for their delicious burgers.

Address: 31 Woodquay, Galway City, Ireland

1. Scotty’s Steakhouse

Instagram: benmecklenburgh

Scotty’s is located in Cuirt na Coiribe on Headford Road just on the edge of the city. Scotty’s has been around for a long time and it was first established in 1991. Scotty’s used locally sourced ingredients including the bread buns and meat in their famous burgers. Scotty’s burgers are so delicious they have been featured on Burger as one of the top 50 burger restaurants in the world. If that isn’t a reason to visit then I don’t know what is! If you’re feeling extra brave Scotty’s have a challenge titled the 5X5 Challenge which includes eating 5 heavily topped cheeseburgers and 5 portions of fries in under 30 minutes and you receive it all for free. Needless to say, very few have been successful but if you feel you’re up to the challenge drop into Scotty’s for the best burgers in town!

AddressCúirt Na Coiribe, Headford Rd, Galway, Ireland

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