Five Amazing Things To Do On Your Stag Party In Ireland

Five incredible ideas which will make for a memorable Stag Party.

Stag Nights, love them or hate them, every about-to-be groom has that one last fling before his wedding.

Normally left up to the best man to organise, stag nights can either be a great night to remember or a night best left forgotten.

Thankfully the days of leaving the groom naked and handcuffed to a telegraph-pole are long since gone and now the current trend among boys for a good night out seems to be veering toward an interesting activity that all — including the groom — will enjoy.

Let’s take a look at five ideas that should be considered.

1 – A Stag Cruise Party – for the craic

Stag cruise parties can be a great means to a bit of male bonding and let’s face it a bit of craic.

There are a multitude of companies in Ireland, most located on the Shannon River and its lakes that offer a mixture of self-catering accommodation, dinner in a fancy restaurant, entry into the local night club, a few free shots and all topped off by a leisurely booze-cruise up and down the Shannon the following day to cure the hangover.

Be warned though! While cruising on the majestic Shannon, especially while having a beer or two as you watch the scenery roll by, can be a fantastic experience, the actual boat handling should be left to a professional. 

Luckily, as I said there are many companies operating on the river and lakes that specialise in these cruises.

We recommend: The Moon River, Carrick-On-Shannon, Co. Leitrim

2. Indoor Go Karting – for the speed

Boys will be boys, so speed and excitement is the one ingredient which will get the boyish adrenaline pumping.

Racing around an indoor track and taking corners at what seems like formula-one speeds is guaranteed to be enjoyed and a great way to start off a stag night.

Again, like the river-cruising, a quick internet search will reveal companies who specialise in this activity.

Go Karting is an ideal way to start off a stag night; and followed by a good meal, a few pints and the inevitable trip to a night club, it can be a great night out.

Just be careful to get the activities in the right order as speeding around a fast track after a few pints and on a full stomach could be disastrous, so be warned.

We recommend: Kylemore Karting, Killeen Rd, Kylemore, Dublin 10, Ireland

3. Paintballing – for a buzz

Paintballing is great fun, well at least I enjoyed it. What a way to get in the spirit and build up a thirst for a few pints afterwards.

The “sport” itself has been around for years but was until recently normally reserved for corporate team-building exercises.

It is unlikely that you don’t know how to go about it but just in case — it involves two teams armed with upmarket paint projectile guns and dressed like commandos literally doing battle with each other.

It’s a real a boy thing that takes you back to the Cowboy and Indian days of your youth.

Again there are tons of companies operating paintball venues dotted around Ireland so the choice of location is yours.

As with all competitive “team-building” exercises most of the fun comes from the slagging-off and tall tales in the pub afterwards and by using creative team mixing it can be a great way to allow people — especially at big stag parties — to get to know each other.

We recommend: Delta Force Paintball, Dublin

4. Escape Rooms – for a challenge

Escape rooms are a great way to start off a night out on the town; ideal for the thinking man’s stag.

They are a recent attraction to Ireland and you will find them located in most of the countries big towns and cities.

The whole idea is for a few people to enter a themed room and using clues and of course, their intellect, of course working as a team, try to escape within an allotted time period — normally an hour.

Of course an hour isn’t a long time and will hardly fill a whole night’s entertainment.

But as part of a night out and combined with a decent meal and a few drinks afterwards can be novel start to “the last night of freedom” and you never know perhaps the groom might pick up some escape tips for future use!

We recommend: Escape Rooms, Belfast

5. Quad Biking Adventure – for an adventure

Right, if you like a taste of adventure and a bit of fresh air. Well, then why not consider trying a quad-bike session as part of your stag party planning.

These 4 X 4 chariots can literally go anywhere and are almost indestructible.

Tearing through specially designed off-road courses at break-neck speeds is something we don’t often get the chance to experience and is an activity that is bound to get the adrenalin pumping.

The beauty about off-road quads is that the whole experience is weatherproof — the wetter and windier it is the more fun you’ll have. You can’t beat stirring up a bit of good old fashioned mud.

Most quad bike centres have courses designed to suit all levels of experience and all appropriate safety procedures and gear are provided.

We recommend: Quadventure, Wexford

So there you have it, five fairly novel ideas to try out as stag party ideas.

While researching this article I was struck by the number of specialist companies that cater to the guaranteed enjoyment of the grooms last night on the town.

A simple internet search will ensure you find a reputable firm operating near or close to whatever part of the Island you live in.

Just remember that there are plenty of other ideas to try out just stay away from the mundane and remember if you’re going to drink — and let’s face it you probably will — drink responsibly.

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