Expert reveals Ireland is the lost kingdom of Atlantis

It may be hard to believe, but experts claim Ireland could be the long lost kingdom of Atlantis!

The mythical island that we’ve all heard of, Atlantis, may have been discovered! Could Ireland be the lost kingdom of Atlantis?

A brief history of Atlantis

Atlantis was a mysterious lost kingdom supposedly a utopia, that drifted to the bottom of the ocean.

The ‘lost’ island is often depicted as an innovative, superior place holding the wisdom to unlock world peace. It is a place that has mesmerised people for many generations.

People have lost vast amounts of money during this pursuit of this land, some even losing their lives to the cause.

Websites, magazines, books, and even documentaries have been devoted to Atlantis, which remains a popular topic today. It may just be about to become a lot more popular (to us Irish, anyway).

Now we aren’t saying to go out and buy a submarine to begin your quest, have a read and see what you think!

New research from an Irish university

A fascinating YouTube video, ‘Atlantis Ireland’, was released recently by Keystone University Ireland, in which many points of evidence are highlighted that they feel demonstrate Atlantis was situated on our very own island of Ireland.

Many stories would have us believe that Atlantis was the most advanced area in the world at that time before its collapse, and the video claims that we Irish were the first people to create this enhanced society. 

By this, they mean metalwork, boats, fishing equipment, and agriculture. Their legacy can still be seen throughout the world today.

The stunning Cliffs of Moher would be a beautiful place for Ireland's section of the lost kingdom of Atlantis.

Over 10,000 years ago ‘Atlantis Ireland’ was ruined by a massive tsunami that was caused by a comet that struck the earth, researchers claim.

Newgrange in the Boyne Valley is a Neolithic tomb, the video theorises that this is the temple of Atlantis and therefore one of the oldest temples in the world.

We know that Irish DNA is found throughout the world; the video lays claim to this as proof that Ireland was the most advanced civilisation of its time. 

Us Irish do love to travel, whether it was because of our advanced technology at that time or the fact we wanted more sunlight is up for debate.

A representative of the University stated, “It was the Ancient Irish who gave the gift of civilisation to a barbaric world. During the dark ages, Ireland’s spectacular history was mutilated by her enemies. It’s time to set the record straight.”

A Swedish perspective

Could Ireland be the lost kingdom of Atlantis, imagine seeing fish swimming through ruins offshore.

Now, we know that having an all-Irish viewpoint on this subject would be a little bit biased, so we’ve found a Swedish academic, Dr. Ulf Erlingsson, who claims he found proof that Ireland is, in fact, the lost kingdom of Atlantis.

Dr Erlingsson wrote a book on the topic named Atlantis from a Geographer’s Perspective: Mapping the Fairy Land. So, you would think he is somewhat of an expert on the subject, or at least be someone who knows what he’s talking about.

When he visited Ireland to promote his book, he attended the previously mentioned Newgrange passage tombs. He claimed these tombs indicate links with the people who once lived on Atlantis. 

Another ‘Fairy Land’ claim is that the Hill of Tara was a throne for the kings of Atlantis.

Claims dismissed

There is no real way to prove or disprove any of these claims, although the National Museum of Ireland points to the fact that there never was any evidence that Atlantis existed in the first place, never mind on Ireland.

The museum director, Dr. Patrick Wallace, stated, “We can say that we know of no archaeological evidence which would support Mr Erlingsson’s theory.”

The National Museum of Ireland dismisses the claim that Ireland is the lost kingdom of Atlantis.

He also accepted that his museum staff were “not in a position to assess” the geological basis of these claims. Basically saying, we don’t know but we think we know.

After his visit to the Emerald Isle, Dr. Erlingsson went on to say that Ireland is around 200 miles wide, 300 miles long, and surrounded by mountains which are very similar to the geography of Atlantis. He must be correct, right?

Whatever side of the argument you believe is up to you, but the magical mystery that comes with Ireland being the lost kingdom of Atlantis is too much for us to pass up.

We don’t know, and perhaps never will, the real story, but we will leave you with one of Dr. Erlingsson’s most famous quotes, “I expect to have my knockers. But we must assume that I am right until others can prove I am wrong.”

There’s no real reply to that one in our books!

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