Experiencing Ireland’s Unique Camping Scene

Many tourists visit Ireland for a taste of the plentiful culture and history of its cities; however, going completely urban could deprive you of the Emerald Isle’s full experience. There are few better ways to get into the outdoors than via camping, and with the government pumping €1.8 billion into outdoors-related tourism, there has never been a better time to experience the great outdoors through a tent and stick.

There is a multitude of great camping spots in Ireland to get you started off. Ireland has a unique and varied camping culture where you can experience Ireland’s long and storied past whilst enjoying nature. With a guide of the best places to visit in hand and some basic preparation, you’ll be set to go.

Preparing for an Irish camping trip

Ireland has famously unpredictable weather. One day can see all four seasons, as the old saying goes, and the truth isn’t too far from that point. It is, therefore, necessary to prepare accordingly. Bearing in mind that you could see rain and sunshine, make sure you wear garments that are breathable but waterproof; most modern outdoors clothing will have suitable materials. Your tent could become very cool at night, making proper preparation to keep your tent at a suitable temperature crucial; whether that’s through a tent heater or specially prepared insulated material. Finally, make sure you have enough equipment for your trips. Wild Ireland can get very wild, so it’s important you stock on supplies to last you the day.

History in hidden places

From the earliest remnants of society in 10,500 BC to the earliest emergence of Gaelic culture in the 5th century, Ireland has a storied history lived out in both urban and rural areas. As a result, there are incredible experiences to be found in hidden places that are best accessed via tent or trailer. The mountains of the Comeragh region are an excellent example of this. Nestled between the airport and Cork, the Irish Times reports that not many stops over to see the area. However, between stately townhouses and curious 18th-century architecture, there is a unique and authentic slice of culture to be found whilst enjoying a wilderness holiday.

Spirituality in nature

Religion has had a huge mark on the history of Ireland, and you can find that whilst camping, too. Inland wild areas in County Fermanagh host spiritual energy, according to a report by the Independent. Whether that’s neo-Pagan influences, the polytheism worshipped by 5th century Celts and indigenous peoples, or Catholic inspiration, the options are there. A map in hand along with community knowledge can help you to seek out unique spiritual and religious experiences. There are plenty of tour guides and experienced hands that will be more than happy to give you a history of the most storied religious locations on the island, including Uisneach and its leylines.

Ireland is a wonderful place to experienced verdant outdoors sights. Camping is a wonderful way for anyone to experience the lush countryside. With history, religion, and culture quietly nestled within the hills and valleys of the country, there can be something there to make a camping trip extra memorable.

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